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Soul Knowing

Confront one shadow at a time & unravel its core by being fully present & thinking radiantly.

Humanity is one being. Dividing the self & directing anger within is its greatest fallacy. Wholeness requires expansiveness.

Distill to a single core any agent of rhetoric: Those promoting fear seek to divide; those invoking anger seek to distract.

The master never forgets anything resonant with his core & pierces all illusions with seamless knowing rooted in love.

He confronts himself at every turn, comparing the mind to his soul & discarding any patterns inconsistent with reality.

United focus is the nature of power. Serving the One with all, energy is undivided & available for his prayer.

(Part II:#11)

Deepening Relationships

Letting the soul be fully in charge of this mind, heart & body is the greatest gift one can offer to the world.

In each moment love is new & so is that which sustains the world. Can deepening relationships, too, feel ever-new?

Know thyself today, for it is different than yesterday or even 5 minutes ago. Let what is real engage the world now.

Let two feet rest firmly on the ground of love, letting the soul shine into the space between relationships for the first time.

Stillness is the heart of peace. Resist any temptation to attack, withdraw, or defend & thus engage what is real above all.

(Part II:#10)

Reality Check

The pure & strong reality that animates this body also animates the solar system. May it energize all humanity.

The righteous are in no way better than others, but simply whole, no longer hiding in but emerging from their shadows.

Asking someone to tone down the radiance of who they are is extinguishing their soul, God’s presence on earth, for your own comfort.

May the light be great! Great in its purity! Great in its strength! Great in its sovereignty! Great in its creativity to birth anew..

Let the transcendent reality of Being fully come into this body, imbuing it with the power to cultivate divine habits.

Let the Fire of Love extend, expanding in all directions, setting hearts ablaze, integrating all dimensions into here and now.

(Part II:#9)

Letting Go

Willing to let go not only of the past & what is now, let go too of what will be to truly welcome the new.

Losing doesn’t count as contradiction to happiness, for those who bear the light must continuously make more room for it within.

A toddler’s wobbly legs try to reach a shiny bead on the table & he falls, only to be enamored by a bug on the ground.

Letting go of what he thought he wanted, one more step would have destroyed the life of his true prize.

Let not the dream of heaven ever be trampled, rather let heaven & man dream & create together, united by breath.

(Part II:#8)

Being in the Stream

A stream meanders down the rocky hillside, trickling shadows under a blanket of ice unable to prevent its march.

An small hawk hovers headlong into the wind, only a man’s height from the ground, which he scours with inscrutable vision.

The clouds billow southward from the rushing north winds, & collapse into a bowl like shape with the sun peaking over its golden lining.

The light of the sun is warm upon my face & upon my heart is a lie that is dying to be broken.

With forked tongue this lie hypnotizes me with the words “I never get what I need.” I honor its presence & I laugh.

Everything, absolutely everything around me is teeming with life, with love, with joy if I just open my eyes to really see.

An unmet need can lay still like the blanket of ice covering the life-giving waters pouring down from rocky mountains pristine.

Unfulfilled is the man blinded by self-absorption. I trickle. I hover. I blow the clouds southward to be gathered by golden sunlight.

(Part II:#7)


This moment contains all that was and all that will ever be.

The balance of energy is shifting to brightness and soon the positivity of goodness will outweigh all other energies in the cosmos.

Like a political majority, what a difference consciousness will be when the holy energy of love reaches 51% of the collective.

There is no way to prepare for momentous future other than this moment right now.

Let all darkness depart, for I am here.  I am now.

Let the unreal of this world implode without consequence, leaving all that is true, good and beautiful to flourish.

(Part II:#6)


The heart powerfully emanates the light of love. Only its shell is vulnerable to be broken, lifting away & clearing all shadows.

Never fear vulnerability, for in fully opening your heart, the light you emanate surrounds you with greatness.

A sincere & transparently authentic heart gleams like a diamond, precious beyond measure, emanating light in all directions.

Overflow abundantly! There is no point in diving into shallow waters, and neither can a trickle move a boat downstream.

The heart is indestructible as long as it is full, vibrant, and generously available. Thus, insecurity is bred by selfishness.

All human love is conditional in one form or another. Find & fulfill your own conditions so loving may begin flowing.

In the presence of a shining heart, I see God standing before me. So too are her words precious, golden, feeding my soul.

I welcome you, oh great divine One, into this world evermore, by hearing your sacred voice in all thy sons & daughters.

(Part II:#5)


A lifetime is made of unforgettable moments, timeless and powerfully present throughout the decades.

Imagine the people you interact with not necessarily as what you see, but how they were in their happiest timeless moment.

Notice how your tone of voice & attitude changes when you speak to the happiness within a person rather than to externals.

Seeing the best in people brings out the best in you.

(Part II:#4)


We are made with mind, body & soul, but who can fully utilize all three? This holy temple within contains the whole universe.

Being in right mind means fully subjugating it to a great power within. Only the soul can hold it in serenity & focus.

We pray to God for help & a light shines down from heaven in reply. Is this power God or our own abilities?

The divine created us in perfection, destined to be divine ourselves. Yet we cry instead of praise, destroy instead of create.

A living soul blesses in praise all that is real and thereby enlarges the force of its presence.

The presence of a living soul is magnetically united with the divine, drawing near all that is resonant.

The resonance of a living soul vibrates the core & reduces to swirling vapor the foundations of anything unreal.

The vibrancy of a living soul magnifies in the power of co-creativity so all little lights unite to a great flame.

Silently perceive & ride upon the prayer of others, that one’s own highest dreams are then empowered to the same degree.

(Part II:#3)

Mother and Son

The bond between a mother & son is deep & irreplaceable.

He grows in her womb, alights in her embrace, & delights in every glance & word of affection. She is the queen of his heart.

Yet society demands her away to a cubicle or nursing wing and he to a school, the first of many trespasses eroding sacred bonds.

While apart, mother & son never completely stop thinking about the other, for their very cells long for reunion.

Eventually, praise & affection gives way to institutionalized upbringing. Yet he never stops unknowingly craving his mother’s love.

As puberty sets in, the difference between a young man fulfilled & one unsaturated in his mother’s love could not be greater.

With deficit he strives to “earn” the attention of his beloved to fill the void, never content to stop and “just be” in the assurance that his true love will find him on her own.

Fulfilled, he knows who he is in her eyes, finds himself trustworthy & therefore so too is the love that he finds in the world.

May all mothers be empowered to love their sons as much as they originally wished. May all sons find true love in the world without even seeking it.

May the blue lotus of my crown ever-widen in sweet heavenly scent, that the divine mother may be drawn near in delight.

(Part II:#2)