We are made with mind, body & soul, but who can fully utilize all three? This holy temple within contains the whole universe.

Being in right mind means fully subjugating it to a great power within. Only the soul can hold it in serenity & focus.

We pray to God for help & a light shines down from heaven in reply. Is this power God or our own abilities?

The divine created us in perfection, destined to be divine ourselves. Yet we cry instead of praise, destroy instead of create.

A living soul blesses in praise all that is real and thereby enlarges the force of its presence.

The presence of a living soul is magnetically united with the divine, drawing near all that is resonant.

The resonance of a living soul vibrates the core & reduces to swirling vapor the foundations of anything unreal.

The vibrancy of a living soul magnifies in the power of co-creativity so all little lights unite to a great flame.

Silently perceive & ride upon the prayer of others, that one’s own highest dreams are then empowered to the same degree.

(Part II:#3)

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