What we Offer

A shoulder to lean on

Not every prospect who consults with Lucid Tribe Media becomes a customer, but they do become friends!  We’re here to assist you with the quote evaluation process and will keep track of your project even if you don’t work with us.  Many a missed client have problems with other providers and wish they had worked with us, and we stay nearby to support the process.

Web Hosting

Our web hosting is wind powered and you get your own cpanel to manage e-mail accounts and settings.  Basic hosting is just $5 a month.  Business hosting comes with unlimited storage and google apps email processing for $30 month.  We can also assist with the transfer of your site from the old host to get your site up and running in no time. 


Need a basic website but don’t have the budget for our all-inclusive pro package?  Get our site-builder for just $10 a month!  Easy do-it-yourself tool can help get your site up as easy as 1-2-3. 

Web Design Pro-Package

This affordable $1200 web design package comes with everything you need for a professional web presence:  pro site design, customer editing tools, blog, newsletter system to keep your clients in the know, social media integration (including facebook, twitter, youtube, linkedin, and podcasts).

Web Design Dynamic/Ecommerce Package

Do you have a catalog to finally convert into an online format?  An online store you’ve been dying to build?  A money-making entrepreneurial website plan?  Lucid Tribe Media is here to turn your dreams into reality!  Other providers hide hidden fees into their services and find reasons to charge more, be we eliminate the unknown of skyrocketing costs and provide everything that’s needed for a flat package fee of $4000.

SSL, Payment Gateway/Merchant account required on ecommerce sites in addition to business class hosting (Total $60/month). 

SEO/Internet Marketing Package

What is more important:  having an amazing website that no one can find?  Or having a mediocre website that turns visitors into clients and customers?  Once you have a site up and running, you need the best online partner to get noticed and reach the top of search rankings.  Our SEO services are top notch and proven to deliver.  $1000 per month with a 3 month minimum per contract.

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