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No one can externally cajole an empty hose into action, only from inner depths do the waters of life spring forth.

From where within does the source of life originate? The fountain springs only by yielding to one’s highest place of being.

Who do you know blossoming more fully into divine communion? Welcome her heart with a kiss on the brow, eager to understand.

How will you direct the pressure of love blossoming in all directions from within? It penetrates so much more than this body.

(Part II: #1)

Ups and Downs

Behold glory: Unless you fully & secretly believe in the majesty of others, the faith needed in oneself is stifled.

Most people try to prove wrong the majesty one sees in them. Worthy of praise are only those who resonate with acceptance.

Most can can only be spoken to in riddles while those few in resonance can be spoken to with light plain as day.

The ups of life result from sincere obedience to prayer condensing as concentrated inspiration firm enough to stand & climb.

The downs of life are restful riding upon the waves of one’s creation, gradually returning to balance & re-gaining momentous altitude.

Thus, to aspire is to perspire with concentration & visualization, the heavenly precipitation of which manifests joyously in form.

Ascend to the apex of consciousness & foresee all that shall be born of the current state of trajectory.

(Part I:#27)

26. Receiving

  1. Blessed is the one who takes not one thing unless clearly from the hand of God.

  2. Higher than prayer is intention; higher than intention is devotion; higher than devotion is union; higher than union is action.

25. Leadership

  1. May the love of our nation always outweigh the divisiveness of ideology.

  2. Among all the voices competing for the family, local, regional, national & global stage let yours be heard with firmness & love.

  3. No one is inspired by the rusty breath of apathetic dissent. Enliven the debate & bring enthusiastic vision to the table!

  4. Let all camps of leadership be supported by resonant hearts, wielding emblazoning vision tempered only by collective unity.

  5. Consciously use & be guarded against tools of influence including rhetoric, logic, research & relationship building.

  6. Two positive ends of a magnet cannot unite. Thus, the greatest compliment a master can grant is to throw you out.

  7. Just as the body lives through the strength of lungs feeding every cell, the soul enlivens by silently praising the One.

Living with Love

Traveler, your footsteps are the road and nothing else
Traveler, there is no path, it is made by walking
When walking, the path is made, and when looking back
You see the path that you will never walk again
Traveler, there is no path, just the glistening of the sea

~Joan Manuel Serrat

What does it mean to be living with love? Is it possible to be both living with love and making choices rooted in past conditioning? When something happens not in your favor, is it possible to love when acting out in reactivity? What is the true cause of reactivity? What would it be like to live with a kind of love, as said in this beautiful song, that is made new with every choice, every decision and every word? The steps towards love are spelled out by the acronym of its holy name: “L”et go of the past; “O”pen your heart; “V”ibrate with God, not people; and finally, entering the temple of light, “E”nergize the soul of humanity.

To live with love means firstly to let go of the past and be conscious. The past is gone. It is dead, and so are decisions rooted in conditioning alone. Just as one can wake up in a sweat in the night from nightmares, we can also force ourselves to wake up from reactive patterns of living. When we let go of the past, who we thought we were also passes away, the remains of which is a glorious being rooted in the spirit of life. We know we have taken the first step towards love when the winds of life are strong within our inner being. Thus, we are in each moment born anew and forced to get to know ourselves all over again.

The winds of life are fully present, purifying the world and magnifying the name of love by obeying their master, the diamond heart within you. These winds can be thought of a spiritual pressure. They could be thought of as energy. They could be thought of as love. They could be thought of as enthusiasm – but in any case all of these expressions point to the same spirit of life within. When you open your heart and command the spirit of life with fearless abandon, a great energy is known. This energy fills the body temple with strength and willpower and fills the mind with true thoughts.

Thus, the third step towards love is to vibrate with God, and master our thoughts. The opposite is to resonate with, react to, and thus take upon ourselves the judgments of other people. The spirit of truth can only be known in radiant and wise, holy thinking. Our thoughts in many ways are like our children: How is our relationship with these children? Do we allow them to cause havoc and drag us around? Do we allow our thoughts to blame the world for our suffering? Do we repress such thoughts with firmness and judgment? Living with Love means to live with blessing for all of humanity. How can we simultaneously love and blame humanity for our own suffering?

We enter the threshold of the temple of light when the heart is open and we begin to vibrate at a higher rate. To energize the soul of humanity, we must first learn to energize our own thoughts. This is an ongoing practice, and I encourage you to try it now. Surely there is a voice in your head responding to at least some of these words. If you are wondering, “What voice?” Then, as Ben Zander says: “That is precisely the voice I am talking about!” What are you thinking at this very moment? Are you even aware of it? Let your thought condense into a single phrase. What is it? Don’t judge the thought as positive or negative. It just is: and, the ones that are “negative” ultimately contain more wisdom in their true state.

Do you have the thought? Perhaps written down on a paper? Now: energize it! What does it mean to energize a thought? Energizing a thought means to accelerate the rate of energy present in that thought form. It means the thought is ascending into heaven. It means the thought is getting both louder and softer and more powerful at the same time, and now it is becoming golden. Your thought has become holy, filled with the power of life. Filled with the power of true beingness, it has now joined the ranks of love steadily marching, like the glistening of the sea, for the upliftment of all humanity.

24. Opposing Prayer

  1. When my prayer & the will of my Father are one, the scorn of 1000 & the armies of 100 nations cannot oppose it.

  2. Woe unto he who agrees with naysayers & abandons his prayer, for its power has nothing left to consume except himself.

  3. Abraham’s Ur, Nazareth & Noah’s little village all had to transform in welcome or be departed of a true Man of God.

  4. Let bones be bones holding up the body, heart & mind. Thus, let prayer be prayer, upholding our dreams, voices & choices.

23. Sovereignty

  1. Free & unbound, precious & wonderous is irrevocable power to hear, see, dream, pray, think & choose.

  2. Surfing the waves of prayer, thoughts, words & actions are anointed with enthusiasm.

  3. The ascended prayer serves all that is resonant & especially the frequency & magnitude greater than oneself.

  4. No one is free without the right to clearly & decisively articulate yes or no without coercion.

22. Smile

  1. When choosing between silence & words distorted by a foggy heart, smile & walk the untread path between them.

  2. Relax the face & breathe from the heart noticing the sun rising from the corners of your lips. Such is the healing of a smile.

  3. The sweet nectar of forgiveness is tasted when more fully embodying that which you seek from the one’s you love.

21. Coloring Darkly

  1. Expect nothing from either yourself or anyone else, allowing the truth to emerge effortlessly of its own accord.

  2. Prayer manifests always in the manner best for the largest picture, pride of persistence often destroys the dreams of others.

  3. Illusion is illusion. The power of life circumstance is the first aspect of truth arriving to set you free from the dream & awaken.

  4. Sanity has its root meaning in sanitation. Pride, expectation or any thought held apart from the river of life soon starts to fester.

  5. Color not your achievements with brightness but with darkness. Draw no attention & the eye of evil cannot interfere with the results.

  6. Continuously strive for failures as the seeds for future victory. Beware of “solutions” as the seeds for future problems.

20. The Brightness of Tomorrow

  1. Doomsayers are digging their own graves one shovelful of destructive thinking at a time. Heed not & fear not.

  2. Make a wish!!! Let the dream be born that is double-barreled: transcending space, time, thought & emotion.

  3. If lacking in willpower to take steps towards the brightness of that unattainable dream, gird up in prayer not self-flagellation.

  4. For willpower & prayer, like oxygen & combustion, cannot exist in any degree of strength without the other.

  5. The tradition of breaking the “wishbone” apart is a crude symbol of destroying the foundation of one’s dreams.

  6. Thus, a true wish is always double chambered like the inner workings of the beating heart. 1 and 2 meet transcending into form.

  7. Wholeness & brightness surpasses all tests, hears the call of others’ prayer, applying the lessons to what is at hand.