Mother and Son

The bond between a mother & son is deep & irreplaceable.

He grows in her womb, alights in her embrace, & delights in every glance & word of affection. She is the queen of his heart.

Yet society demands her away to a cubicle or nursing wing and he to a school, the first of many trespasses eroding sacred bonds.

While apart, mother & son never completely stop thinking about the other, for their very cells long for reunion.

Eventually, praise & affection gives way to institutionalized upbringing. Yet he never stops unknowingly craving his mother’s love.

As puberty sets in, the difference between a young man fulfilled & one unsaturated in his mother’s love could not be greater.

With deficit he strives to “earn” the attention of his beloved to fill the void, never content to stop and “just be” in the assurance that his true love will find him on her own.

Fulfilled, he knows who he is in her eyes, finds himself trustworthy & therefore so too is the love that he finds in the world.

May all mothers be empowered to love their sons as much as they originally wished. May all sons find true love in the world without even seeking it.

May the blue lotus of my crown ever-widen in sweet heavenly scent, that the divine mother may be drawn near in delight.

(Part II:#2)

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