The heart powerfully emanates the light of love. Only its shell is vulnerable to be broken, lifting away & clearing all shadows.

Never fear vulnerability, for in fully opening your heart, the light you emanate surrounds you with greatness.

A sincere & transparently authentic heart gleams like a diamond, precious beyond measure, emanating light in all directions.

Overflow abundantly! There is no point in diving into shallow waters, and neither can a trickle move a boat downstream.

The heart is indestructible as long as it is full, vibrant, and generously available. Thus, insecurity is bred by selfishness.

All human love is conditional in one form or another. Find & fulfill your own conditions so loving may begin flowing.

In the presence of a shining heart, I see God standing before me. So too are her words precious, golden, feeding my soul.

I welcome you, oh great divine One, into this world evermore, by hearing your sacred voice in all thy sons & daughters.

(Part II:#5)

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