Time to Choose Sides: Knowledge, or Mastery?

There is mastery within you, but you will never know it.

The mind was never meant to validate the soul,

But to serve it.

Most people don’t like this statement, probably because it makes them uncomfortable.  It is no wonder, such a powerful thought has the potential to dissolve the unreal if contemplated and allowed to resonate deeply.

The above line is not a judgment of you or your capacity to know, it is a statement against knowledge as a whole.  It is a declaration, that knowledge has in fact been put in the wrong place, the wrong priority, in terms of who we are as Divine Beings.  This line is aimed precisely at the way the way humanity as a whole has been overusing, or rather misusing, their minds.

After struggling to express myself in midst of such people, I finally breathed a sigh of relief to realize that Osho expresses perfectly in his book “Love, Freedom, Aloneness:  The Koan of Relationships,” what it is I’m trying to say about the mind.

Firstly, Scientists used think of the mind and the senses as our gateway to perceiving the world reliably.  However, we only perceive 2% of what is available, and even that 2% is so projected upon and filtered by “mind stuff” that it is hardly reliable.  Osho seems to be suggesting, as I do, that perhaps the mind as a whole, is not the right tool for distinguishing between the real and the unreal.  “The mind,” in Osho’s words, “never allows you to see what is, it only allows you to see what it wants to see.”

It is your mind, but it is not in your service; it is in a conspiracy against you.  It is your mind, but it no longer functions as a servant to you, it functions as a servant to society. If you are a Christian then it functions as an agent of the Christian church. If you are Hindu then your mind is Hindu, if you are Buddhist, then your mind is Buddhist.  And reality is neither Christian nor Hindu nor Buddhist; reality is simply as it is.

Pointing to Osho’s need to distinguish between the real and the unreal, and to Plato’s allegory of The Cave, there is an emergence from shadow into the light when one makes the shift from knowledge to pure awareness.  Only pure awareness can accept reality as it is.  Such awareness is the domain of the true self, the domain of the soul.  Jesus said, “Unless ye be like the little child ye can in know wise enter the kingdom of heaven.”  The main difference between the child and the adult is the presence of pure being, unobstructed by such programming.

So it is time to take a stand:  stand with the shadows of knowledge; or with the light of reality just as it is.  Allow, perhaps for the first time, the mind to come into its true and natural place as a servant to the throne of sovereignty and authenticity of Being, and only then perhaps, enter the “Kingdom of Heaven” truly “at hand” here and now.

Love yourself, be your true self, and exercise its mastery, not in your knowing, but in your living.  Let the heart give voice to the soul, like the chambers of a flute to the wind.  Such sincerity the mind could never pre-conceive, but only open up to, support, and yield to in every golden moment.


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