Desire and Intent

“You can have, do and be whatever you want in life.  You – and your life – simply become whatever it is you think about most of the time.”
~Kevin Trudeau

Desire is often suppressed among spiritual and religious people:  desire for money, desire for certain experiences in life.  Hopes, dreams, life goals:  how often they fade away!

What is wrong with having desire?  Without wanting , or allowing oneself to want the experience of something, it seems the will to live is not vibrating as dynamically as it could.  If one is ashamed of desire, wanting does not go away, but rather the LACK of fulfillment becomes the most intensified thought process guiding one’s life.

Jesus said, “I and my Father are one,” and “Not my will, but thy will be done.”  Understanding these phrases may help to understand the proper function of desire and intent for a truly fulfilling life.

Wanting is an impulse, a spark of awareness, energy and will moving in a specific direction of creation.  It is divine in nature, but oh, how it is vilified!  Why are we so conditioned against such creativity?  Wanting – desire – always has an image attached or associated with it.  The image may be of the experience of that particular form of fulfillment, or it may be an inner road-map of the supposed means of how to attain it.  This realm or dimension of consciousness is what is referred to as “my will.”  It is limited by what “I know,” by what “I see” is possible, and by “how I see” getting there.

Guiding and supporting “my will,” is “thy will.”  The will of the Father within can be perceived in a deeper realm of consciousness, through a simple pattern of feeling, visualizing and contemplation.

Please consider the following guided meditation:

First, ask yourself “What do I really want right now?” Don’t judge it, let it come.  When you have a sincere desire, it should light up your heart and make you smile.  Now, take your wanting, like a little dove shining radiantly in your cupped hand over your heart, and imagine entering into a secret room.  In this secret room sits the embodiment of the divine for you:  it could be a white-haired, white-bearded man; it could be a goddess or angel; it could be your higher self or guides.  Whoever you place in the center of this room, let us have some dialogue with it now.

Make yourself comfortable, however that looks to you: sitting, reclining, kneeling, whatever feels most at ease and relaxed.  Now share your desire with the divine, releasing all shame or guilt, simply stating your will.  Now hear and respond to these questions, which will guide you towards “thy will,” the place where you and the Divine are one.

“Why do you seek that my child?”
“If you were to receive that, what would you really have?”
“If I were to grant this wish of you, how would it really feel to receive it?”
“What would it mean to you if this were in your life today?”

Answer all of these questions in as much feeling detail as possible and write down your result.  Note how much better you feel.  Note how alive your body feels and how differently it is postured with such energy now available.


Now, imagine an example of the above in more every day terms:

A middle-aged man walks into a spiritual counseling session with the stated desire (unashamedly) for $100,000.  The coach, knowing the inner working of vibration, asks “Why do you want $100,000.”  “I am $80,000 in debt and in need of a new car right now.”  “So, having $100,000 would alleviate your debt and provide for this immediate need?”  “Yes.”

The counselor continues:  “If you were to receive that $100,000, what would you really have?”  The man slumps in his recliner, looking down.  “I would finally have a good night’s sleep, and the peace of knowing I’m really going to be okay.” There is a long pause.  Both are breathing very differently now, flowing fully long, deep sighs usually too slow to hear.

“So the peace of knowing you are finally okay would lift whatever is causing you not to sleep?”  “Yes, it would.”  “And how does it really make you feel to know, finally without any doubt, that everything can now be okay?”  The middle-aged man, who seemed geriatricly incapacitated only moments before, looked up and his face brightened shedding away the years.   He seemed instantly younger.  “I feel happy to know this, like I did when I was young, before all this…”  His voice trailed off, face dimming a bit.

“Now I REALLY want to know,” the counselor harpooned, “What would it REALLY mean to your life to receive $100,000?”

“It would mean I would feel peace, I would feel free, I would feel happy, young again, and I would know that everything is going to be okay.”  He chuckles.

One can see from the above example that honoring the “what” of wanting is only the first step.  This man has created an affirmation of faith that transcends all:  “I am at peace.  I am free.  I am youthfully happy, and everything WILL be okay.”

Really, the “why” of wanting is the most powerful place to be.  It is a place of deep feeling, a place where time and space, where “end to a means and means to an end” are transcended.  It is the realm of “Intent.”  It is the “why” behind desire.  It is the will of the Father within.

The “why,” “Thy Will” behind this man’s desire is peace, freedom and youthful happiness.  “His will” saw an image of how to reach such a state and it looked like $100,000, and no doubt if this sum of money showed up the next day or the next week, it would certainly induce some of those feeling in this man.  However, the most powerful reason why “Not my will, but thy will be done” is this:

If I continually meditate and “live” so-to-speak, in the “why” behind my desire, then I am not attached to any particular image of how it can manifest.  There could be dozens of possibilities for how the universe is going to fulfill the divine will within and unless I make room for them, opportunities will be overlooked.

May peace, freedom and youthful happiness be with you.


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