Meditations on the Great Commandment

Shema, Israel: Adonai Eloheinu, Adonai Ehad. V’havta: Adonai Elocheicha, v’col v’levcha, v’col v’nufshecha, v’col modecha.

Here I am praying so deeply with the great commandment.  Thou shalt love the Lord Thy God.  Thou shalt love the lord thy God.  In the midst of his kingdom, in the midst of all of his creation including myself, including my body.  Thou shalt love the lord thy God…with all of thy heart, with all of thy soul.

Thou Shalt love the Lord Thy God with All of Thy Soul

What precious words. The Father created that soul in his image. The soul, that is in reality an extension of himself, a piece of his divinity in light, in love, in truth. He has made me a living soul. My father has made me a living soul, and placed me in the midst of his creation. I love my Father with all my heart, with my soul, with all my might.

Thou Shalt love the Lord Thy God with All of Thy Might

Whose might? Not the might of this body. Not the might of my mind. The might of my soul. I am a living soul here in the midst of His Garden, appreciating every wonder of his creation. Every wonder: from the tip of every leaf to the dancing grasshoppers. God sees this through me. God experiences his creation through his children as only his children can. For the pleasure of the Father, he places children in the garden to experience his creation – as himself – and as only his children can, with absolute free will, absolute free will.

The power of the living soul to choose what his contribution to the kingdom is, to choose his words, to choose his deeds – we are free. And yes, there are levels of freedom. You cannot choose among flavors of ice cream that do not exist, be you can create them. In the image of our Father we are placed in the garden with the power to create. I can plant a seed.

We have One Great Commandment: To Love God, To Love our Father, To Love the Divine

For it is only in loving the Divine, that we resonate with our potential as living souls in the garden, living souls in our life, living souls in the creation of the Father. Love the Divine with of thy soul and all of thy might – and then you are free. You are free, once you have that love, once you are vibrating like a living soul – radiating like a Sun in his Garden. I am radiant.

In the fullness of radiance, you are free to do whatever you want.

Whatever you say, whatever you do – in THAT place – is LOVE. In THAT place, is repairing the world.

Whatever you say, whatever you do – in THAT place – is healing his children.

It doesn’t matter what your choices are. It does not matter.

As long as you are a living soul, it does not matter what your choices are.

Fall in LOVE with the world around you

I am taken by the amazing artistry in a young sapling of pine, so beautiful are the works of the kingdom.

So beautiful is Heaven, and God’s creation.

So beautiful are all of your creatures, and even more so are the treasures that you have placed in the garden – your children – that you may experience it through their eyes.

God is seeking life experiences

By loving the Divine with all, we are free. We have nothing to fear, nothing. We are commanded to love the divine as a Father, and to fear the Divine as a king. What a great sense of humor God has! How can you love that which you fear?

Yet there is a great secret, a great secret:

If we fear ONLY God, that which we love BEYOND MEASURE,

If we are free as God’s children,

We will fear nothing in this world.

There is nothing outside of me in this world that I fear – nothing,

Not loss, not death – nothing,

Not even Hell.

I fear nothing outside, in this world – nothing.

A person who is said to be a God-fearing Man doesn’t cower in fear at the presence of his Father

It means that we fear ONLY GOD,

We fear nothing of this world!

We are free!


We are living souls in the garden of creation.

A mind cannot overcome fear,

The mind is the origin of fear.

A fearless man transcends the mind,

A fearless man is a living soul in the garden of his Father.

Living in realms of light,

Realms of Love,

Realms of radiance beyond measure.

We are free,

We are free, in the great commandment, to be living souls.

We are free, thank you Father.

Thank you Father.

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