Music and creativity are flowing. It has been about 6 weeks since my awakening. I have entered into uncharted waters, into territory unknown. I am so thankful for this precious experience.

And thankful for the people in my life who are responding to the presence of spirit, the presence of divine energy moving, moving fully with the current of Love, Wisdom, Blessing and power that comes with being in the presence of a true child of God.

I had a wonderful connection with a good friend last night. A spiritual brother, a man of deep resonance with thy holy vibration, a man of deep and abiding integrity – living in his ideals so much so that he has given away his power to some degree, so that he can measure up to his mental constructions of what is good.

In this precious conversation, what I extended to him was a provocative promise, that if we stand together, that we may come into a time of raising our vibration together. I directed him away from his mental constructions, and towards a place where joy and power, love can be found.

Living in our ideals is not enough.
Many of our ideals need to be unlearned,

They are dead,
They have no life.

Our ideals cannot feed us,
Our ideals cannot save us,
And neither can pressing them on anyone else save them,

Father, save us from our ideals!

The true presence of the divine,
The true preciousness of Life, of Love, of Truth,
Is so vast,

That one who is bound in ideals of higher and lower,
Without a deep grasping of the vibrational nature of life,
Is no more than a man who is tied up,

Bound in one or more of his appendages,
And expected to fully function.

The experience of life,
and the experience of choices,
are so bound in idealism.

Also yesterday I was allowed to have a conversation with somebody who I deeply respect. Somebody who has a deep expectation from life, a very ambitious expectation from life that she be equals in the power relationships with the people of authority around her, and that each new experience of life should be moving upwards in terms of responsibility and income – a very common view of life.

And upwards means that one’s rank and one’s power would grow over others and the more that one would gain personally from the situation that they’ve been appointed, and also the more removed in a sense that they would be from the day to day mundane movement of what happens on the ground.

Such is the ambitious view of humanity in a general sense. And as it was described to me through this person, I realized that although there was a time in my life that I was held to such an ideal, living with ambition, at least to some degree it does not apply to me anymore.

I follow, as Joseph Campbell says, “Bliss.” The bliss of life, the bliss of living in the highest and finest vibration possible. The bliss of fulfillment in knowing that my words and my deeds are the two things that God does not have.

All in this world is thine, Father: the sun, the earth, everything in between, everything beyond and within is yours. The only thing you need is a voice, and a pair of hands and feet to do thy work. I live in the fulfillment of knowing that I am here for the one I serve, allowing the expression of life, the expression of love, wisdom, blessing to move into the earth, move into the hearts and minds of your children. That is all the fulfillment I need.

I have a deep craving for financial abundance, and the desires of experiences in life all end to some degree with the common obstacle of lack of finances. Then in thinking out loud, it occurs to me that, especially in this digital age, with the federal reserve frontage for central banks – God does not create money. The larger calling of life is built around opportunities and is built around the wealth and abundance of life. It is not found in money. The experiences in life that are to be had will be had through divine grace.

And so I stand in a provocative promise to you, my child. Stand with me in a place of holy vibration, that we may raise up the frequency in which we exist. Raise up our ability to express love, resurrect a true life of divinity, offer blessing and wisdom to our world.

And I thoroughly believe that if we were to do this together, that we could raise our vibration to a flash-point together, to the point where miracles are common and to the point where the true power of children of God can be demonstrated in everyday living.

In divine love, resonating with all my heart, with all my soul and with all my strength.

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