Impartially Radiant

In darkness,
No one can see the wide openness of your heart.

In darkness,
No one can see the corners of your mouth
Seek to escape each other
As a gentleness of heart

In the dark,
Love is enough,
Joy is enough,
Freedom is free to be free.

Innocence enough,
Inspires the in-breath,
Of completeness,
Returning to origin,
Returning nowhere,
Respiring and perspiring,
An “I” amidst what is.

An eye in darkness,
Can be any one,
Any where,
Any how,
Impartially being,
Exactly what it is.

A spark of light,
And love is born.

A twinkle of glimmer,
And all is new.

No one can convince you,
That you are love,
Unless darkness can set the light free.

One thought on “Impartially Radiant”

  1. Thank you for including me in the sharing of your writing. I miss working with you by my side and seeing that twinkle in your eye. I hope you are well, dear friend.

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