Under The Starlit Sky

Under The Starlit Sky
A shooting star
Descends like a comet
Through the spine
Into a core
Of gracefully unfolding fern leaves
In my navel.

Under The Starry Night
A golden man
In tiniest seed-position
Expands from the core of the navel
Through and beyond
The diameter of my outstretched arms
To the ends of the cosmos
To the infinity of creation
And back again
In a radiance
That comes all the way
Through the eyes
And through the hands.

My life ends
and begins anew
In the faith
And the faithfulness
Of a crystal clear
house of Transparency.

In constant rebirth,
Life eternally
Ending and beginning
In the same moment
Like the diastolic and systolic dance
In a heartbeat.

Forever Experiencing life
For the first time
In the assurance of deathlessness
In an honesty
That gives a child pause
Guiding without exception
Every thought
that parts these lips
As a word.

Resting in a grounding
So deep and wide
That even a 1000lb
Laughing Buddha
Might envy
And delighting
In a sensitivity
Like the soft landing
Of a butterfly.

In the bright daylight sky
My ice castle of transparency
Collapses into a melting puddle
Of insecurity.

Dissolving into a
nakedness of innocence
Rendering all ideas defenseless
In an absoluteness so complete
That even old Jonah
Might tremble at the knees
And prefer
The whale
As his traveling companion.

Under the lavender sunset
I am the glimmering, itchy back
On a blade of grass
Calling to the pecking and scratching
of nearby birds
For some relief.

Along the sea
I am the waves
striving to stretch their legs
Against the cramped rocky cliffs,
The wind rising
With foamy sea mist to shore,
And the Sun rays
Reveling in the reflective warmth
of each stone
It has made.

Under the last ray of sunshine
Below tangerine horizon
I join with the gravity of homeward Sun
Until I become
The solar system itself,
What songs
And cosmic breezes
Flow out from
The Milky Way

Behind any storm
Or even the curve of the earth
The Sun cannot hide from this heart,
And so trust only my body
In the awareness that it’s cellular memory
In even the darkest nook and cranny
Exceeds my own,
Surrendering to the awareness
That our meeting
Is none other than
One vast being knowing itself
Like the sometimes
Ungraceful bumping
of two blood cells in my veins
In their race to deliver oxygen
Through the heart,
Pumping wildly
As I Shovel sparkling diamonds
of snow From the path
Transmuting the coal of my humanity
In the sweet intensity
Under oceanic atmospheres
Of every winded breath
Sweeping the valley.

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