End Game – The Book of Redemption

Every world, every dream, every reality is based on a vibration.  No vibration, no reality.  Change vibration, change reality.  This can be demonstrated using sound being projected through a medium, the field of cymatics.  Please watch this 2 minute video and see if you can count how many “realities” these particles organize themselves into:

I count 15 realities, each one more complex and dynamic than the former, each one resting on the foundation of and materials of the former reality, each one tuned to a more refined vibration than the former.  In between each reality I saw scattering disorganization as the former dissolved into the new.

End Game – The Book of Redemption

A Retelling of the Bible from the Perspective of a Lucid Dreamer

By AJNA The Scribe




When a seed is born, it peers only into uncertainty and darkness.

“Which way do I grow? I only get one shot at this.

My substance cannot go far before it is expired, and I must find IT – that thing. I must find IT.”

And so the little seed leaves its shelled home, its eye peering always forward –

Not knowing if forward be up or down, or into stone beside.

Undulating, imperceptibly undulating, a secret destination is plotted.

No one sees the single step, the wave-life, wave-like rocking gently back and forth,

ever forward – praying that forward finds IT.

Undulating waves grow stronger and longer and taller,

Now a gentle hint of green can be seen from my body in preparation to receive that which I seek,

Preparing me for my true life purpose, unknown, yet emanating

Respirating even in darkness.

Finally!! I can see!!  Here, in a new unknown, that feels so much like home

And my heart sings, “In the light, all love is found!”


This book is a work of fiction, but a work of fiction written by a lucid dreamer.  What is fact or fiction to one who has dreamt lucidly for 30 years?  How many lives, how many stories redeemed?  How many characters has he lived as and applied their lessons to his living in the “real world?”

Where in your body do you reside?  One year ago, the experience of the physical body has shifted dramatically for the author.  Just as the poem, “The Seed,” above, seemingly a seed had burst in the sacrum of the spine and began a new journey up the spinal column, seeking the light visible from its “soils,” seeking a resting place, perfectly breathing the light visible from the above the crown of the head.

The human body has 5 spines, each a perfect replica of and higher vibration than the other.  These are: the sacral spine, lumbar spine, thoracic spine, cervical spine, and that most subtle body residing above the crown of the head.  Between each “spine” are 7 “seals,” gatekeepers who hold the seed until it has enough energy to “burst” again.  During the process of the seed ascending this tower, many more “births” and “deaths” continue to unfold.  Is there any difference to a dream?  No, lucid dream training is the perfect preparation for such a journey.

What does this mean?  A kundalini awakening?  Enlightenment?  The birth of a messiah?  None of these hold any meaning for the author!!!  They are just words, words with no meaning.  For a lucid dreamer, who has experienced living personally in thousands of dream-births and dream-deaths, it is simply a natural progression of growth available to any dreamer on THE WAY.  Dreamers assist each other best by simply telling their stories, and reflecting aloud on their experiences.

The author was born into a Tri-lingual Jewish family, and exposed over time to a buffet of spiritual philosophies and practices.  What did the Bible represent to a Jewish kid?  Dinners with family, meals that retell stories and the proud history of a people in love with God.  It meant dancing, Israeli folkdance camps, and the source of inspiration for the songs that gave identity to a nation.  And yet that nation was built on the rubble of a people who, too, have a story.  If the death of a civilization is tragic, even more devastating is the death of their story.

Since that fateful day a year ago, sleeping dreams come less and less.  Those that do are incredibly flexible in the identity of the dreamer.  When a lucid dreamer visits the ocean, he experiences the scene from the perspective of the waves, of the cliffs, of the sunlight.  Each of those players in the dream has its own journey, its own hopes and aspirations and the dreamer “moves through” each of their identities with ease.  What is waking life to such a person?

What does the Bible represent to a lucid dreamer?  Perhaps it represents a world dream.    Each of the players of the story represent an aspect of consciousness, each of the stories represent a movement of life, perhaps in one’s body.  The Bible is the story of each our cells discovering who they are and starting to wake up and work together.  This book is an attempt of the author to “see” through the eyes of each of most resonant characters and uncover that which is relevant to him.

How is time reflected or represented in a dream?  Things jump around and sometimes dreams are contained within dreams.  The Bible is the same.  Everything is modeled on a pattern of the number 7.  That being said, the author is not a Rabbi nor a biblical scholar but simply telling a story and just like any other endeavor, learning as he goes!

How is growth reflected in a dream?  Shake a pound of salt on a sound table and see how it behaves in increasing frequency and amplitude.  This is the field known as cymatics.  Vibration causes seemingly inanimate media to come alive in flowering, mandala-like patterns. The higher the frequency and amplitude the more complex the structure becomes.  In between each “expression” of the structure there are periods of disorganization.  This method of growth is not unlike the development of a zygote: an embryonic miniature replica that would eventually express itself as a living, breathing unit of consciousness that we call ourselves as individuals.  Could the body of humanity, too, be a zygote of something greater?

This story is just that – a story, but hopefully it will be a story celebrating what it really means to be a human being.  The story seeks not to glorify any particular person, least of all the author!  The story seeks not to vilify any particular person or group as well and enters into the project with the premise that all the characters on stage are a part of each of us, in consciousness, animated like the salt on the cymatic table that we call life.

Where have we come from?  Who are we?  Where are we going?  These are the ultimate questions that mythology bursts forth to answer.  The quality of the story is a seed for the quality of life for the one asking.  Perhaps all mythologies relate to each other and the huge pantheon of possible characters, too, represent each of the cells of the body of human consciousness on more subtle planes.

What does it really mean to be a human being?  Where is the limit of human potential?  If this story serves to push the bar of that limit to any degree, then the book has succeeded in an act of redemption.


4 thoughts on “End Game – The Book of Redemption”

  1. I appreciate the creative thinking and work you have put into this, Oren.

    Interesting to note that the complexity of the patterns in the cymatics video increases. “The Myth of Progress”, by Tom Wessels, explores the natural increasing complexity and diversity of ecosystems and contrasts that with how we are proceeding blindly ahead with antiquated ideas of what progress is. A power-packed, scientifically based but small volume, this book impacted me more than anything I’ve read in the past 20 years.

  2. I want to dive right into it. Swirl in the multidimensional psyches. Be tossed up out of the darkness of the oceanic voids into the light filled heavens of hallelulia. ENCOURAGE you to write like a channel, open and free. GO FOR IT and SHARE IT!!!!!!!!!

  3. Dream on, Oren, and keep writing…I look forward to what will emerge for you in your amazing journey!(Sorry it took so long for me to get to this…)

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