Honesty and Acceptance

I come before the divine this morning surrounded by the artistry of nature, the artistry of life.  Been thinking deeply about the relationship between honesty, acceptance and consequences.

These are 3 very profound virtues and all 3 of them have a distinct relationship in that, all 3 are equally threatening to the human ego.

To be honest, one must be able to relinquish the false identity that shrouds children in the garden.  To be fully honest is in many ways to remove the mask worn by the shroud of idealism, worn by the fear of rejection.  To be honest is the greatest courage.

Equally so, to truly view with an open, unclouded and non-judgmental heart the world around us, to truly perceive circumstances and people and accept them just as they are is a threat to the human ego; which, seeks to control people and control this world for selfish ends, not seeing the big picture, but worst of all, not loving the people in their world.

The human ego does not love.  Its protective shell is not capable of love, and there is no benefit to its presence in the healing of another person, just as there is no benefit to the presence of a human ego in the solution to any problem.

The acceptance of circumstance is crucial to living successfully in this life.

Father in Heaven resides within his children, speaks through their voices and works through their hands and feet.  Father in Heaven is the light of all universes, gradually dimming in nature to the point where the physical world can be seen and tolerated as physical expression.

The light of the outer camp of the divine kingdom, the physical world, is a very feminine principle.  The divine mother rests, great mother earth, the mother is the womb of life all around us.  Shekhinah has the cloud of glory about her, and she is present in this moment.  I welcome you divine mother, I welcome you, holy queen, to this place.

The acceptance of all circumstance is crucial.

The present moment and all the factors that are in the present moment are in fact the divine response, reflecting the divine opinion towards the present condition, towards all Past (with a capital “P”, means not limited to this current human experience) human words, attitudes, actions and creations.  This present moment is the voice of the divine mother in all of its circumstances in each and every detail, including those that do not serve the human ego.

There are factors that need to be accepted in this moment…

Factors need to be accepted in this moment that absolutely go against the false identity that humans have of themselves.  They need to be accepted.

The work, the great waters of the divine mother, wear down on the human ego, slowly eroding its edifices, slowly eroding all of the cracks and crannies, all of the hypocrisies, all of the injustice, all of the cruelty perpetrated by the human ego.

No matter how much effort we exert to maintain our false identity, it is a losing battle.

Accept the love of the divine mother, be honest, accept people as they are, accept circumstance as it is, and choose with love.

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