Yom Kippur reflections: The Engineering of Failure – How the Soul uses Failure as a Trigger for Remembrance

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‎”There’s a crack, a crack in everything. That is how the light gets in.” ~ Leonard Cohen

Yom Kippur this year was absolutely amazing! The whole weekend was spent in a state of meditation, prayer, chanting, singing and reflection. I feel completely rejuvinated in spirit and ready to bring life more abundantly to my world!!!

On Yom Kippur, Jews do a couple of very important things. To sum it up in my own way, on Yom Kippur, Jews fast, reflect, repent, remember, and pray while wearing white. What is so great about failure? More than any other time of year, the nature of human nature and its erroneous ways is exposed. What is so great and important about that? Because it opens the doors for divine remembrance.

The failure of human nature is the victory of divine nature! Making mistakes is a very important part of human nature. What are mistakes? Anything we consider to be negative about our life. It could be the things about you that rub people the wrong way. It could be the things about you that self-sabotage your life. It could be an illness or setback. It could be any pattern of failure, any small kink in your way of approaching life that seems to keep success at bay. Each of these phenomena are extremely important.

Mistakes, from the perspective of the soul, are like the process of “exhaling.” Inspiration is an inhalation process, receiving the divine spirit from above, then guess what – it is meaningless unless it is applied in the world. The process of application is not unlike a toddler learning to walk: the growth is in the tumble, not the steps. For human nature, too, any failure or breakdown is a sign of progress, and an opening in consciousness, as well as a crack in the the physical body that allows divine nature more sovereignty.

What is meant by “a Crack?” Human nature inextricably finds its origin in divine nature. Physically speaking, the process we call “learning” happens when the brain manufactures synapses and new connections between synapses. The ideal state of soul integration in the body would be when the synapse connections stemming from the autonomic nervous system have a full and complete pathway to every little cell of the human body. It is thanks to the presence of the soul and the energy that the Divine provides, that all ANS functions of the brain, heart, etc. can function.  Every time a toddler falls, a crack happens in the synapses of the brain and the openings provided by that breaking point become the basis for new connections.  Without exhaling, inhaling is no longer possible at a certain point. When the soul is flowing strongly into the body, one can sometimes “hear” a large procession of “crackling sounds” as the synapse connections are infused with greater spiritual capacity. Without failure, learning is no longer possible at a certain point.

The soul “breathes” into the body through the crown. Imagine you invented an incredibly complex series of gears that gets its power from above like a waterfall (i.e. The wheels depicted in Ezekiel). In order for the soul to operate well, you need 2 things:

  1. The presence of the soul to provide the movement of “water” from the crest of the waterfall to the base.  The faster, more voluminous and wider head the flow has, the more gears it can turn.
  2. Highly responsive junction points between all the different wheels of the gears so that the flow of inspiration can reach all the down from our minds to our fingers and toes, to our families, communities and work places.

Human nature inextricably finds its origin in divine nature.  Yet the divine in you needs to be invited back in to regain its sovereignty over all the processes of your life.  When your own soul is completely in control of your life, then you are in a state of grace.  How can we get back to such grace???  Through the process of divine remembrance.

Divine remembrance has been built into life processes at every level.  Divine remembrance, divine grace, can be entered into by any one of trillions of “doors” that have been built into the system including:

  • Any physical sensation
  • One-pointed concentration on any task spiritual, mental or physical
  • Noticing desire before it manifests
  • Choosing to “see” the good in oneself and others no matter what
  • Mirroring the behaviorism and nuances of others.  This practice requires one to study people like a book, and receive them fully by meeting people where they are.  It is very important to relate to people on their own level.
  • Noticing the color white wherever it appears.
  • Reflecting on mistakes and experiencing them wholeheartedly.

Why is it so important to experience mistakes wholeheartedly??  On a physical level, the one who fails a 1000 times a day will be 1000 times more successful than someone who only fails once a day!!!  Some people have such an idealistic image of themselves that they are afraid to commit to error.  This is a huge folly.  Personally, I crave the experience of failure because I can literally feel my soul, the current of breath moving from above grow in volume, size and strength each and every time.  Spiritually, making mistakes is 100% completely intentional.  In this very moment, your soul is engineering every aspect of your future in ways your physical senses can never comprehend. Why is your soul including mistakes in this design for your future??  Because mistakes are the opening for divine remembrance, the return to grace.

How does this process of engineering failure work?  Imagine this moment was like the first moment of creation, the big bang.  Physically, 1 second is composed of 1 billion nanoseconds.  In each of these nanoseconds, on a quantum level, the soul has injected a single seed-like impulse made of building blocks in spiritual world called lifetrons.  Lifetrons are like “cells,” they are most basic building materials of living spiritual substances.  Creativity in any field of endeavor will be completely fruitless unless we can somehow mirror or produce in harmony with the design of life.  In a very literal way, the second that just passed was like a big bang – composed of a billion lifetrons that were “planted” i.e. injected into your life through the current of the soul via the autonomic nervous system (ANS).   What happens next is a process of unpacking the data, firstly interpreted by the endocrine system then output as biochemical chain reactions that are then interpreted by the sympathetic, sensory-based, nervous system (SNS).   In such a way, this one second has unpacked one billion lifetrons that will become your life a few days or a year from now.

It has been scientifically proven that the sensory places of the brain “see”  such kinds of impressions born from the world of the soul first before the world of matter.  For instance, if I say the word “dog,” an image or associate with the animal appears in your mind even I haven’t shown you a picture.  Plato‘s allegory of the cave is in many ways a depiction of this process.  To Plato, what the sympathetic nervous system “sees” are the shadows on the wall cast by the light of spirit through the aperture of the SNS.  To the ancient rabbinical technology, these impressions are called “dust,” and the same exact metaphor is used in Buddhist spiritual technology as well.   A person who lives based on sensory-based information alone, for example, is said to slither on their belly through life and eat of dust.

A living soul eats not dust, but rather breathes the light of heaven and eats the bread of soul consciousness and drinks the waters of divine energy.  For the soul to be fully integrated so much into the body that they live in “reality,” is the essence of the divine plan and human evolution.  However, the process of divine remembrance is built into this seed-pod of a billion lifetrons that was just now released into your body by your soul.  Why are mistakes designed into the system?   These mistakes are like cracks that God can use to re-enter and reclaim his creation.

Unlike sensory human awareness, the soul does “see,” perceive, every aspect of the sum total of possible information available in all ranges of electromagnetic frequency.  Light, sound, emotion, all knowledges, bodies of science, akashic records, the goddess library and all celestial resources including divine light, sound and healing are all present and available.  In this moment, the spiritual technology of remembrance is administered by the seed-pod that was just released, as some kind of process of failure.

To understand why this process is so important to the soul, imagine you were a landlord of a vast series of homes. The laws of the world you live say that the rightful owner of any house will know the way in no matter what. All potential homeowners in this world are keenly aware of this law and construct every “brick” (i.e.) lifetron with a backdoor, that is a way in that is only known to them. Now imagine you have this amazing house that you have built and are ready to go off to work one day, but just realize you forgot your keys. You go back to the house to get your keys but find it locked. According to the laws of your land, you are only the rightful owner of the house if you know all the ways in.  The owner of the house first goes to the front door, then to the second most obvious door and so on until full entry is regained.    Our “houses,” “body temples,” our lives are intricately designed so that no matter how dormant, dark, unattended or illegally occupied they may be, the owner of the house, that is God, will always have a way back in.

The house your soul has built includes a re-entry system based on the failure of human nature. These re-entry systems are what ancient rabbinical technology called a ringlet. A ringlet, in my view, is a door for divine nature to re-enter the system. What is a ringlet? A ringlet is a series of experiences that carrying a common theme of failure on every possible plane of existence. Have you noticed that failures in your life happen in patterns? No matter where you go, you cannot run away from a ringlet. The only way through the ringlet is divine remembrance.

Ringlets, in the world of the soul, are considered fail-safe or fail-proof points where divine remembrance must be triggered.  Ringlets are fail-proof because they cannot be escaped.  Wherever you go, there will be some alternate version of the pattern manifesting itself, and yet it is for a extremely important reason. The purpose for ringlets. The purpose of self-sabotage. The purpose for failure of any kind is one and the same: divine remembrance.

If you knew that any failure that has ever befallen a human being has been specifically engineered as an instrument of divine remembrance, what would you remember? The seed-pod released by this moment will become your life tomorrow or in a week, and born within it is an impassable road block. There is only one way through: Upon this road block is a large sign that reads “Only Gods past this point.”

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  1. Very powerful, Oren, and I agree that there is value in mistakes, even though in the moment they can be challenging (especially for the ego). I’m glad Yom Kippur was meaningful for you…the Days of Awe cycle was a bit mysterious for me this year…and then attended my sister’s wedding during the Days of Joy…much love to you in the cycles of life.

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