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In the period between August 15th and October 19th, the song of the heart expressed primarily through the voice- words spoken and sung, laughed and explored all the vocal ranges on intonation to truly hear and wonder at what was emerging so naturally and joyfully from within. The result was the song of the awakened heart. The primary goal of the awakened heart was to live in true identity as a soul, a child of God with all its glory and power.

Then the period from then to now, this joyful energy and presence fully integrated in the crown opening an experience of mindfulness and integrated consciousness that expressed primarily through writing. This writing was collected as daily inspirations and inner journeys to ever more resounding heights and depths entitled the Tao of the Arisen Son. The primary goal of the arisen son was to access and build a foundation to integrate prayer as identity.

As of November 1st, what is emerging so naturally from within doesn’t fit the pattern of either of these cycles. The daily inspirations came from the ability to easily decipher the energy and story of dream time and waking dream time, then applying them in living. Yet what emerged yesterday was of a different caliber – not easily condensed into Tao-like aphorisms.

And, just as using the vocal word was still available during the period of writing, both the voice and the pen will be available now.

Yesterday’s dream started out in Paris in a time of fulfilling stories and experiences and it was now time to return. “Wait? Return?” I thought, “Where else can I go? London? Madrid? Amsterdam? Hawaii? Could it be possible to take a long trip to all of these places in a row?” After a brief consideration, “Perhaps I could, but I have to start somewhere! Hawaii it is!”

I found myself at an airport.  The escalator led up to the terminal, where peach colored walls reflected the morning sun shining through all-glass view of the runways.  After taking a moment to absorb the beauty of what was around, I then realized that I didn’t have a ticket in hand.  A quick glance at the other people revealed them placing a gold coin in turnstiles.  Holding open my left hand, a shiny gold coin appeared.  Placing it in the slot, the turnstile unlocked allowing me through and I crossed the bridge to board the plane.

Entering the plane, everything went black as formlessness.  I then found myself standing on a circular ledge  that served as precipice to a large swirling mass of spiraling downward energy.  The stable ledge part was a circular sidewalk about 50 feet in diameter.   The door I came in through was not only locked, it was gone, swallowed by the womb-like presence of the great void.  The only way out, was down in the center of the swirling abyss.  I know it is my destiny to jump and I feel safe watching the energy spiral down, so I GO!  OHHHHHHHHHH!

The feeling of falling stabilizes as a pressure not only going down, but darkness pressing up against me like wind as well.  Silently I scream with exhilarating joy.

After some time, my direct descent catches a swirling tube  spiraling downward and I’m dizzy as the centrifugal force presses me against the outer walls of this tube.  After a while I get really tired of the spinning feeling so I opted out of the tube for a direct free-fall again.  Exiting the tube I immediately became very fearful as the physical plane of existence came into view below:  “What was waiting for me down there?  Had I made a huge mistake taking my own way down instead of trusting the dizziness?”

My leap from the tube sent my feet up over my head behind me, and I noticed it was the ocean that was below me – which looked above with feet overhead.  My feet continued to arc right side up just in time to touch the water first:  “I hope this is not too shallow!!!!”  Was my last thought as the bubbles of entry followed me 10 feet underwater and I noticed that I had a total of 20 feet to land in safely.  Scrambling for the surface, the first thing I noticed was that I was only about 75 yards from shore which was nice.  The second thing I noticed was the chute.  A large grey chute from which all the other passengers started to fly into the water, albeit more gently than I did, was placed only about 10 yards from shore.  At least 2 other passengers flew laughing out of the chute while I swam to shore.

The hawaiian ocean water was crystal blue, and the sand white.  I emerged on the beach to a large grove of palm trees in front of a long and wide one story building painted white.  It seemed to me to be a cross between a hotel and an airport terminal.  Then I woke up.

I spent all day contemplating the dream and then shared it with friends.

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