To Name a Child

I see all these baby naming sites with name meanings and annual trends.  And the tendency is for parents to base their children’s names on their own preferences or their family’s, etc.

The function of a name is simply to embody, in both the sound energy and the meaning energy, the energy that will assist the soul purpose of the child best in this life.  Through my work with dreaming and just paying attention on subtle levels, I have found that my children both chose their own names while in-utero.

Taking the emphasis away from the parents and more towards the child is no small shift.  Without the proper tools, how can soul communication exist in-utero?  The answer is just sincerity.  Have a sincere desire to have the child’s true name revealed, and in whatever form works best, it will be shown to you.

Blessed are the children whose parents can hear their true names.

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