The Golden Crane

This story was written in 1990, preserved by my godmother to whom I gave it as a gift. A greater gift is to get it back 20 years later!!!. Thank you Caroline!!!!

The Golden Crane

As the bell rang its call of freedom, hallways were suddenly filled with the sounds of bustling kids finally on their way home. One particular group of boys walked especially slow in the passing herd, just waiting for someone to make a wrong move and say something to them.

Gathering his books and saying good-bye’s, Jimmy shouldered his backpack, started out the classroom door and paused, gazing beyond. Off in the distance, a deep orange sun was just creeping above the hilltops, filtering life into the sky. Overhead, a magnificent crane soared in the heavens, his great blue wing-tips expanding and rising in the wind. Freedom sparkles danced in the infinite sky growing larger and expanding until there was only shimmering golden-yellow that filled him inside and out.

Soon, a pale white hue formed the shapes of lockers and passing figures against the endless ocean of gold pounding to the beat of his heart. Jimmy looked around, and stepped through the door into the hallway outside. Passing many classrooms and faces, he wandered on his way home. Looking up in the trees and watching the leaves make patterns against the blue up above, Jimmy noticed a menacing pair of eyes gazing at him in the distance up ahead.

Suddenly, adrenaline raced through his body and his heart began pounding wildly in his chest as Jimmy cautiously continued on. By the time he could make out the figures, Jimmy was breathing heavily; the hair rose on the back of his neck and he slowed down, muscles tensed, just a few steps before reaching them.

Three figures leaning against the wall looked at him as if taunting him to come closer, eyes boring through him as Jimmy approached their corner.

The two guys on the end were about the same size and they both had a wicked smirk on their face; the guy in the middle was the biggest, looking down at Jimmy with crossed eyebrows.

The streets were silent; there was no one else around.

Jimmy felt a fear well-up in his chest that he had never known before and his stomach turned as he looked around, confirming his solitude.

“You got a problem!!” One of them suddenly shouted, boldly cocking his head and making a face. Jimmy stopped in his tracks.

“Where do you think you’re going!!” Another taunted. Looking off into space, heart pounding out of his chest, Jimmy declared fatal silence.

“What do you think you’re doing!!” The biggest one said, angrier now than ever. “I’m , Jimmy managed to say, but nothing else would come out. “What are you gonna do?!” He said, yelling now.

Suddenly, the figures before him started to fade away and Jimmy thought he was going to pass out in fear. Waiting to drop, he looked around and Jimmy thought he saw a golden tint surround the trees and fill the sky; fear dropped away from his side. An unfamiliar power welled up within, filling Jimmy with an inner strength, expanding outside and around his body. Although his eyes were open, Jimmy was blinded by a golden light.

“I’m—…”, Jimmy startled himself. The words came out clear and powerful in golden flow, weaved with the blue of a crane in flight. Peace filled his heart with tingles as he spoke.

“I’m not going to fight you.”

Just then a school police car skidded to a halt on their corner and the three guys were gone in a blur of madness. The big guy lost a shred of his jeans jumping over a fence as they disappeared into the city.

Jimmy stood motionless, staring into the sky as the police car drove away. Way up high, he could barely make out the blue wing-tips of a crane in flight as Jimmy took a deep breath, and continued his journey home.

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