The All That is You


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‎”There is nothing outside of yourself.. look within. Everything you want is there. You are That.” ~ Rumi

The human body is more than just a microcosm. Every molecule in the human body has a direct connection with every star system in existence at its precise location and physiological function.

It is easy for anyone to understand that all physical matter in the universe is the body of God. A human being is created “in the image” of his creator because his or her body is a miniature version of that and directly connected to every aspect of the whole.

There is nothing outside of ourselves. There is nowhere you can go that you are not within the hand of your creator. You are everywhere and everything, operating as a living cell in, and as, the body of the One.


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2 thoughts on “The All That is You”

  1. THE NATURE OF MAN : Indian tradition and thinkers have been reflecting upon the nature of man for a long time. Some of them have rejected the separation of man and God and have stated that the Duality is a product of Illusion. I understand the separation from a different context. If man, and God are made of the same substance, the substance called man is energy dependent and the substance called God is energy independent. God being truly independent is able to control Energy/Power/Force and the natural interactions. Man does not exist as a Controller of Energy/Power/Force but has the ability to use it for his living functions.

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