I dreamt last night that I was simultaneously with people from a synagogue and people from other spiritual organizations, but somehow they were all together and unified in purpose.  A rabbi and a 4 people sat around a table doing a Torah study.  I watched them for a long time before approaching, which I was resisting, but couldn’t help doing.  “May I join you briefly?” I asked, finally drawn to an empty chair and noticing that they were starting to pack up.  The rabbi responded enigmatically:  “Who sits down, you?  Or your creditors?”  “Obviously, I am the one who is here,”  I replied.

A bearded man to my left graciously explained:  “What the rabbi means by creditors are the airs that one takes on to make oneself feel or appear more worthy than they really are in presence of others.”  What an amazing teacher, I thought.  I hadn’t even sat down, and this rabbi had somehow downloaded an entire hour of study into a single interaction.  “Thank you for sharing this valuable lesson, Rabbi!”  I said to him directly, “I get it!”  Then I woke up.

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