Oren’s First Album is Officially Released!!

Music to me is the reminder of how to be and live in the world. I learned guitar at the age of twelve and started composing music at 15 because there were ways of being I could only access through music. At the University of Hawaii, as a starving student, I found that playing my music with friends was the best way to completely forget about hunger. Making impromptu recording of jam sessions with friends and handing them out, some people said they played them so often that they wore out their CDs, and others said that my music got them through some of the hardest times of their lives. I currently perform regularly at Worship Services. One of the recordings of a performance reached the ears of Elyjah Lyk of Trine Records, who contacted me and offered to sponsor me with recording and engineering the album. Without the kindness of many people, this album would not have been possible. LIVE DEEP is a brief encapsulation of 22 years of music composition fueled by ever-rising consciousness and the synchronicities of support from the Universe. Check it out and see where it takes you!!  Listen to tracks online!

Live Deep – Album Contents

You Are My Treasure

Always Living For Love


Black Train

Star Child

Look Up

Live Deep

My Love is a River

Being Beholding

Love the One


The Circle

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