Ocean of Love

The invisible ocean of love condenses crystalline as each identity of humanity.

The ocean of love is here & now. What do the great waters rest upon?

Behind the greatness & vastness of love lives the One who sent it. Who is in the water? And who sent the love?

Eye to an eye, hearts within hearts, the collective consciousness pulses as a greater Beingness beneath surface tides.

Breathe, for the waters of heaven fill the sky all around, submersing us in its depths.

In the light of the Sun, ice melts, water rises to heaven. Then the great hammer smelts water to form again.

This is my love, my heaven, my hammer, my sea, yet within it all lives a little me, seeing its reflection in every way to Be.

May this little form love all & judge not, honoring the Divine heart by effortlessly integrating all perspectives.

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