One thought on “Four Holy Questions”

  1. Four Holy answers:

    1. Why did God create the physical world?
    God didn’t create the physical world…not directly. God created consciousness which then projected its own enormity externally for the purpose of its own evolution. We view a reality from our point of view in Time, which creates Space and displays physical existence in the forms we witness. In reality it is consciousness which separated itself into infinite forms, whose own belief in those forms creates the density which we call physical experience. The stronger the belief, the greater the density.
    If you were to view physical existence from a point of pre-pre-historic Time physical density would be much less of a reality; more of a more manageable, more permanent dream state.

    2. Why did you choose to come to Earth?
    You didn’t choose to go anywhere. The ultimate reality is that there is only the level you call Earth while you believe it is necessary and will serve you. You experience what you value.
    In reality you are everywhere, in every level of Time and Space, a non local being having a local experience. You are consciousness, slowly coming to terms with the fact that you are pure Mind, the cause of every event and aspect of physical reality which you experience. Touch an oven in a dream and it will still burn you. Physical reality is just another level of dream, one which has a more slow motion, manageable, and stable experience of the explosion of life into a physical reality. This provides a necessary framework for experience through which the evolution of consciousness, from its own creation by God through to its own recognition of its reality as a part of God, can be achieved. And yet, you are the one who also creates the framework…

    3. What truths or virtues do you rest in most easily?
    The ones listed above.
    That I am not a victim of an external unreality.
    That I am a co-creator; a seemingly individual aspect of consciousness which has recognised itself.
    That absolutely nothing in physical reality matters.
    That my belief in physical reality and separation of forms is ultimately my prison. I am my own jailer.

    4. In whose name have you come?
    In Gods name.

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