Ever New Reality

What would it be like to accept
The reality to which you first belong
Completely as it is?

As a living body of awareness
Creating everything continuously
Resting as consciousness
Awake in authenticity
Quiet in the heart
Alive with no past or future
Moving as beingness
Passionately present
Peaceful towards all
In communion beyond appearances
Realizing the profound
Seeing itself in the eyes of all beings
Perceiving reality finer than the senses
Empty space vast enough for all creation’s songs
Honest in pure response
Yes, evolving constantly
In the totality of awareness.

I bury the likes and dislikes
Of conditioned robotic rut-worn patterns
And the swirling pendulum of self-concern
To break once and for all
It’s hypnotic spell
Free of want and need
Healing the past
Discerning what is real now
Unmoved by phenomenon
Yet increasingly purified
In the ever emerging radiance
Of the descent of the creator into form.

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