Dream Interpretation

The following are my opinion based on thirty years of active dreaming:

1. Dreams are best interpreted by the dreamer. To me, dreams are a message or code from the soul or superconscious mind to the conscious awareness of ego or self operating in relationship to a perceived world. The symbols and storyline are chosen by the superconscious precisely based on what will trigger the semi-conscious emotions, memories, issues, beliefs, m.o., etc according to the soul’s intentions. Thus the symbols are meant to “filter” through your mind and give you the intended message. Therefore, even when you study someone else’s dream and give advise keep in mind that the symbols and storyline are interacting with your own “filters.”

Dr. Jeremy Taylor has an amazing approach to dreamwork that expands greatly on this theme: Projective Dreamwork. In essence, it is hearing every dream “as though it were my dream.” What a powerful way to help another and own one’s projections in the process.

2. Since they originate from the superconscious or the soul, dreams are always true or meaningful. This means that no matter how a dream is interpreted, there are endless and multi-faceted “layers” of truth embedded in them. The deeper the reflection or conscious process upon a dream the more powerful the impact it can have on our lives. Dreams can be continued or resolved in a waking state no matter whether one is physiologically awake or not.

3. Dreams are candid or most valuable for a certain period of time after it is received. The higher or more spiritual the dream the longer it will be valid to assisting you in your life. The higher the spiritual quality of your dream, the more impossible it is to forget throughout your life. I find that the most valuable application period for most dreams expire at around sundown the following day. So if you write in your dream journal first thing in the morning, then you have about 12 hours to apply the lesson of the dream to your life. Of course, the dream itself is still valuable as a story or ideas for paintings, music, poetry etc. and the lesson is still valuable as a future reference. But the dream you have in the morning is directly linked to your immediate future in an extremely mysterious and powerful way. Dreams are the voice of creation operating in your life, laying a bridge across the sky before you one stone at a time.

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