Devotional: Faith and Intention

Shema Israel, adonai eloheinu, adonai ehad. V’ahavta et adonai eloheicha v’col levcha, v’col nufshecha, v’col modecha.

Heavenly Father, I come before you on this chilly afternoon full of love, full of life, full of the enduring promise of uniting with that which is highest within. I read this morning some words of Uranda that said centering in the highest spirit is the beginning and it is the opportunity to do the work. It makes possible the work that needs to be done, and yet by abandoning unity with the highest within, faith is actually broken no matter how sincere outwardly a person may be. These are powerful words. These truly are powerful words.

Heavenly Father, I am deeply reflecting upon the meaning of prayer and whether it is possible to change one’s prayer, specifically by becoming clear about the intention behind the prayer. This seems to be a never-ending practice because any prayer that can be put into words or crystallized as thoughts has come into form in some way, whether it is here or there and what it looks like and what it feels like. It has come in into form, and yet the intention behind that form is actually the most important thing. If the intention behind one’s prayer can be met in another way, then the prayer will still be fulfilled.

Please allow me to fill every moment glorifying thy name in my inner temple. How wonderful to live in unity with thee, Father. How wonderful to be coming into alignment with life, with truth, with thought and emotion, and creating a space in which love – the true presence of the divine one – can descend. Please descend upon me, father. Find me worthy of thy love, find me worthy to awaken truly to what it means to be a son of the father.

Please go before me, father, into the hearts of all those around me. Create a space of safety, protection and deep penetration of holy presence that precedes me in every respect. May the bonds of faith be strong, may their energy be pure and clear that I may begin to do the work that is being called of me.

I am always open to dream a new dream and visualizing the work being achieved in any particular mental form as long as I’m clear about the intention behind the prayer. I am loving you father with all of my heart. Thy joy brings smiles to my lips, shining round about. I love you with all my heart, father, with all my soul, with all my strength. Amen.

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