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Honesty and Acceptance

I come before the divine this morning surrounded by the artistry of nature, the artistry of life.  Been thinking deeply about the relationship between honesty, acceptance and consequences.

These are 3 very profound virtues and all 3 of them have a distinct relationship in that, all 3 are equally threatening to the human ego.

To be honest, one must be able to relinquish the false identity that shrouds children in the garden.  To be fully honest is in many ways to remove the mask worn by the shroud of idealism, worn by the fear of rejection.  To be honest is the greatest courage.

Equally so, to truly view with an open, unclouded and non-judgmental heart the world around us, to truly perceive circumstances and people and accept them just as they are is a threat to the human ego; which, seeks to control people and control this world for selfish ends, not seeing the big picture, but worst of all, not loving the people in their world.

The human ego does not love.  Its protective shell is not capable of love, and there is no benefit to its presence in the healing of another person, just as there is no benefit to the presence of a human ego in the solution to any problem.

The acceptance of circumstance is crucial to living successfully in this life.

Father in Heaven resides within his children, speaks through their voices and works through their hands and feet.  Father in Heaven is the light of all universes, gradually dimming in nature to the point where the physical world can be seen and tolerated as physical expression.

The light of the outer camp of the divine kingdom, the physical world, is a very feminine principle.  The divine mother rests, great mother earth, the mother is the womb of life all around us.  Shekhinah has the cloud of glory about her, and she is present in this moment.  I welcome you divine mother, I welcome you, holy queen, to this place.

The acceptance of all circumstance is crucial.

The present moment and all the factors that are in the present moment are in fact the divine response, reflecting the divine opinion towards the present condition, towards all Past (with a capital “P”, means not limited to this current human experience) human words, attitudes, actions and creations.  This present moment is the voice of the divine mother in all of its circumstances in each and every detail, including those that do not serve the human ego.

There are factors that need to be accepted in this moment…

Factors need to be accepted in this moment that absolutely go against the false identity that humans have of themselves.  They need to be accepted.

The work, the great waters of the divine mother, wear down on the human ego, slowly eroding its edifices, slowly eroding all of the cracks and crannies, all of the hypocrisies, all of the injustice, all of the cruelty perpetrated by the human ego.

No matter how much effort we exert to maintain our false identity, it is a losing battle.

Accept the love of the divine mother, be honest, accept people as they are, accept circumstance as it is, and choose with love.

My Treasure (song)

Am, AmSus, Dm, Emaj
You are my treasure, you are my golden egg, I cannot measure, my love for you

Am, Dm, Emaj, Am
I love you more than the stars in the sky, More than the moon, than the Sun shining high

You are so full of love, so full of beauty, so Magical is the power of your soul

You came to this earth for a special reason, you are the secret that will transform the world

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SeaDragon (song)

Capo V: D, C#, D, C#, D, C# B5 C#
Nothing is impossible, Everything is possible
Sea Dragon opens her eyes, to the shooting stars in the sky
Shooting Stars in her eyes

Life emerges from water deep and silent
Seadragon breaches to heaven and flies up high in the sky
To find her shooting star, flies high on her shooting star
Seadragon lights up the sky, she’s a fiery light, shooting stars in her eyes

How to Cure Nightmares

Okay here we are.

What my theory was:  When we have nightmarish experiences, what is actually happening is, our own power, our greatest power, our greatest untapped potential is actually seeking to be integrated with us.

And so, my good friend here and I, she entertained my theory by allowing me to walk her through an experience of accepting the nightmarish experience by allowing it to transform her and integrate with her – and that certainly happened – as an experience of greater power, better sense of being able to breathe, a sense of integration.

Was there any other way of explaining how the shift felt or how it feels now?

Peaceful and strong in my body, in my backbone, which also translates to my lungs and heart.

So the actual imagery that was used in this scenario, was taking the opportunity to work with something she volunteered to me after we passed a rattlesnake on our path.  What she volunteered was that she often has a fear that when she comes into or out of her home, that a snake would – or might – wrap itself around her leg.

So I invited her to – as we were walking – to be still for a moment and close her eyes.   I created a space for her that I was on the other side of that door, and here comes the snake wrapping around her leg and just allow it to happen:  whether the snake wanted to wrap and hold her leg down, or whether the snake wanted to wrap and bite, injecting something into her, or whether the snake wanted to climb her leg – to just allow it to happen.

The experience happened that, in her dream, her waking dream, that the snake climbed up her leg, then wrapped around the midsection, and then came up right in her eyesight and said:  YESSS  YESSSS YESSSSS.  It was a very encouraging snake.  YESSS YOU CAN.  It was not a political snake, that is a very political slogan these days, but it was very encouraging, an energy of encouragement.

So right away, from the experience of accepting, something that was nightmarish became something that was creative and encouraging – RIGHT OFF THE BAT.

The next step of my theory is that this power that is integrating with us through these nightmarish experiences is actually ourselves, it is our true self. And our True Self is divine, so I’d even go as far to say that this nightmarish element, characterized also by the great beast in scripture, called Behemoth (Job 40:15-24), the great beast, the devouring beast, whatever the nightmare is, whatever it is that is we run away from in the experience of nightmares, is actually God. It is actually our true self and the power of our true self seeking to integrate into our identities and into our bodies.

The next step on this person’s exercise, once the snake’s words were complete “YESSS YOU CAN,” I invited the energy of Caroline’s true self, to reunite with her body. First it was felt in the chest, giving greater power to breathe and finally, it rested in its true home which is the spine.

The power of the spine: there is no greater power in our body than in our spine. This is the place of the tree of life. This is the place that is connected to all of the cosmos. The light that is in our spine and in our crown is the same light that is in the sun, and the same light that is in the throne of true beingness.

The spine is the tree of life, and its power is infinite.  Its power is the power of God, and the vibrations that emanate down the crown and through the spine are the voice of God.  Every word that proceedeth from the mouth of the Father proceedeth in the crown, to the neck and throughout the body as the tree of life.

Now one might say, “Wouldn’t we allowing some foreign substance into our body by integrating with nightmarish symbols?  Are we letting unclean spirits into our body?”  The answer is NO.

There is no need to fear such a thing, because the things that we experience as nightmares, the things that we fear are actually within us.  The often-quoted quote of Marianne Williamson in “Return to Love” makes an excellent point: we don’t fear how weak and small we are, we fear how great we are.  The things we experience in the dream state, the things we experience within ourselves are actually elements of our own consciousness.

If we have rebelled against ourselves, if we have rebelled against God, that power seeks to reclaim us, to reclaim our identity as God.

When I invited Caroline into this experience, I specifically invited the snake to reunite and to speak this little girl, the little girl, the child, “Do you have anything else to say to this little girl?”

This energy that is seeking to reunite with us is our greatest self, it is our highest self, it is God.  We are God!   When we are rebelling against God, the greatness that lies within seeks to reclaim us, to be integrated in full wholeness, spiritual wholeness.

That reintegration process feels fearful to someone who is accustomed to rebelling against God.  It feels fearful, and yet, by the graces of divine law, our consciousness can make a story about it – to give it a face and an image.  In this case it was a snake.

Everybody’s nightmares are different, everybody’s power takes on different symbols, and yet – in almost every case – we reject it.  We run away!  But we can’t!!

Everybody has had a dream that they are running from something that they cannot get away from.  Why?  BECAUSE IT IS YOU!  That which you are, you can only escape to a certain degree.  But you will never get completely away from it!

We are so accustomed to rebelling against the presence of God within.

So this wonderful woman and I stand together, in a place of wholeness, a place of integration, in a place of reclaiming our power in our spines, in our chest, IN OUR VOICE.

We are able to awaken the untapped potential!!!  Stop resisting it!!  You are the snake trying to come into your own body!  You are the power trying to enter into your own life!!  Stop fighting it!!

When that power is fully integrated, the ability to spontaneously express enlightenment and wisdom, the ability to fully be present for the people in your world, the ability to truly own who you are,  all becomes possible, at that exact moment when you stop fighting it!

Take it into your body, hear what it has to say, and feel its power.

Carolyn:  I think also that part wants to express, and it can only express through you!

Ah, such profound truth.

That powerful part of us has a message for the world, and it can only express that message through you.


Music and creativity are flowing. It has been about 6 weeks since my awakening. I have entered into uncharted waters, into territory unknown. I am so thankful for this precious experience.

And thankful for the people in my life who are responding to the presence of spirit, the presence of divine energy moving, moving fully with the current of Love, Wisdom, Blessing and power that comes with being in the presence of a true child of God.

I had a wonderful connection with a good friend last night. A spiritual brother, a man of deep resonance with thy holy vibration, a man of deep and abiding integrity – living in his ideals so much so that he has given away his power to some degree, so that he can measure up to his mental constructions of what is good.

In this precious conversation, what I extended to him was a provocative promise, that if we stand together, that we may come into a time of raising our vibration together. I directed him away from his mental constructions, and towards a place where joy and power, love can be found.

Living in our ideals is not enough.
Many of our ideals need to be unlearned,

They are dead,
They have no life.

Our ideals cannot feed us,
Our ideals cannot save us,
And neither can pressing them on anyone else save them,

Father, save us from our ideals!

The true presence of the divine,
The true preciousness of Life, of Love, of Truth,
Is so vast,

That one who is bound in ideals of higher and lower,
Without a deep grasping of the vibrational nature of life,
Is no more than a man who is tied up,

Bound in one or more of his appendages,
And expected to fully function.

The experience of life,
and the experience of choices,
are so bound in idealism.

Also yesterday I was allowed to have a conversation with somebody who I deeply respect. Somebody who has a deep expectation from life, a very ambitious expectation from life that she be equals in the power relationships with the people of authority around her, and that each new experience of life should be moving upwards in terms of responsibility and income – a very common view of life.

And upwards means that one’s rank and one’s power would grow over others and the more that one would gain personally from the situation that they’ve been appointed, and also the more removed in a sense that they would be from the day to day mundane movement of what happens on the ground.

Such is the ambitious view of humanity in a general sense. And as it was described to me through this person, I realized that although there was a time in my life that I was held to such an ideal, living with ambition, at least to some degree it does not apply to me anymore.

I follow, as Joseph Campbell says, “Bliss.” The bliss of life, the bliss of living in the highest and finest vibration possible. The bliss of fulfillment in knowing that my words and my deeds are the two things that God does not have.

All in this world is thine, Father: the sun, the earth, everything in between, everything beyond and within is yours. The only thing you need is a voice, and a pair of hands and feet to do thy work. I live in the fulfillment of knowing that I am here for the one I serve, allowing the expression of life, the expression of love, wisdom, blessing to move into the earth, move into the hearts and minds of your children. That is all the fulfillment I need.

I have a deep craving for financial abundance, and the desires of experiences in life all end to some degree with the common obstacle of lack of finances. Then in thinking out loud, it occurs to me that, especially in this digital age, with the federal reserve frontage for central banks – God does not create money. The larger calling of life is built around opportunities and is built around the wealth and abundance of life. It is not found in money. The experiences in life that are to be had will be had through divine grace.

And so I stand in a provocative promise to you, my child. Stand with me in a place of holy vibration, that we may raise up the frequency in which we exist. Raise up our ability to express love, resurrect a true life of divinity, offer blessing and wisdom to our world.

And I thoroughly believe that if we were to do this together, that we could raise our vibration to a flash-point together, to the point where miracles are common and to the point where the true power of children of God can be demonstrated in everyday living.

In divine love, resonating with all my heart, with all my soul and with all my strength.

Meditations on the Great Commandment

Shema, Israel: Adonai Eloheinu, Adonai Ehad. V’havta: Adonai Elocheicha, v’col v’levcha, v’col v’nufshecha, v’col modecha.

Here I am praying so deeply with the great commandment.  Thou shalt love the Lord Thy God.  Thou shalt love the lord thy God.  In the midst of his kingdom, in the midst of all of his creation including myself, including my body.  Thou shalt love the lord thy God…with all of thy heart, with all of thy soul.

Thou Shalt love the Lord Thy God with All of Thy Soul

What precious words. The Father created that soul in his image. The soul, that is in reality an extension of himself, a piece of his divinity in light, in love, in truth. He has made me a living soul. My father has made me a living soul, and placed me in the midst of his creation. I love my Father with all my heart, with my soul, with all my might.

Thou Shalt love the Lord Thy God with All of Thy Might

Whose might? Not the might of this body. Not the might of my mind. The might of my soul. I am a living soul here in the midst of His Garden, appreciating every wonder of his creation. Every wonder: from the tip of every leaf to the dancing grasshoppers. God sees this through me. God experiences his creation through his children as only his children can. For the pleasure of the Father, he places children in the garden to experience his creation – as himself – and as only his children can, with absolute free will, absolute free will.

The power of the living soul to choose what his contribution to the kingdom is, to choose his words, to choose his deeds – we are free. And yes, there are levels of freedom. You cannot choose among flavors of ice cream that do not exist, be you can create them. In the image of our Father we are placed in the garden with the power to create. I can plant a seed.

We have One Great Commandment: To Love God, To Love our Father, To Love the Divine

For it is only in loving the Divine, that we resonate with our potential as living souls in the garden, living souls in our life, living souls in the creation of the Father. Love the Divine with of thy soul and all of thy might – and then you are free. You are free, once you have that love, once you are vibrating like a living soul – radiating like a Sun in his Garden. I am radiant.

In the fullness of radiance, you are free to do whatever you want.

Whatever you say, whatever you do – in THAT place – is LOVE. In THAT place, is repairing the world.

Whatever you say, whatever you do – in THAT place – is healing his children.

It doesn’t matter what your choices are. It does not matter.

As long as you are a living soul, it does not matter what your choices are.

Fall in LOVE with the world around you

I am taken by the amazing artistry in a young sapling of pine, so beautiful are the works of the kingdom.

So beautiful is Heaven, and God’s creation.

So beautiful are all of your creatures, and even more so are the treasures that you have placed in the garden – your children – that you may experience it through their eyes.

God is seeking life experiences

By loving the Divine with all, we are free. We have nothing to fear, nothing. We are commanded to love the divine as a Father, and to fear the Divine as a king. What a great sense of humor God has! How can you love that which you fear?

Yet there is a great secret, a great secret:

If we fear ONLY God, that which we love BEYOND MEASURE,

If we are free as God’s children,

We will fear nothing in this world.

There is nothing outside of me in this world that I fear – nothing,

Not loss, not death – nothing,

Not even Hell.

I fear nothing outside, in this world – nothing.

A person who is said to be a God-fearing Man doesn’t cower in fear at the presence of his Father

It means that we fear ONLY GOD,

We fear nothing of this world!

We are free!


We are living souls in the garden of creation.

A mind cannot overcome fear,

The mind is the origin of fear.

A fearless man transcends the mind,

A fearless man is a living soul in the garden of his Father.

Living in realms of light,

Realms of Love,

Realms of radiance beyond measure.

We are free,

We are free, in the great commandment, to be living souls.

We are free, thank you Father.

Thank you Father.

Love the One (song)

(click to view on youtube)
Capo II
Adim D G D

Do ya, See ya, Know ya Love the one: The one light shining in all of the eyes you see.

Do ya, hear ya, feel ya Embrace the One: The one star shining in the Light of the Day.

Love the One… with all of your heart
Love the One… with all of your soul
Love the One… with all of your strength

(repeat all)

Love the one… emerging inside of you
Love the one… blessing the world inside of you
Love the one…the prince of peace inside of you

I Love You (song)

Bm G Am (click to view on youtube directly )

I love you, with every piece of me. I love you like the warmth of the sea. I love you in every word I say. I love you in the attention I pay. I love you like a blanket of peace. I love you like milk and cookies. Here are all the facets of the diamond in my heart.

I love you like flashes of lightening. I love you like thunder shaking. My love makes me epically happy. I can’t stand it gotta move dancing feet. My love makes my tears stream by. My love gives me wings to fly. Here are all the facets of the diamond in my heart.

Live recording of the dome performance of this song:

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Youtube Upload of the dome performance of this song (coming soon)

Many are Called, but few are Chosen

I go down in the river to pray, learning about that good old way, I say… Oh Lord show me the way


I’m at peace, living in peace with all that is around me. Fully harmonious, able to laugh at my shortcomings, and I find joy in truly seeing the people around me as well.

How I long for the presence of the Divine, the earth shaking rumbles in my spine, in my crown. The energy of the tree of life fully functional, my spine is golden, my eye is single. Both sides of my brain don’t feel divided anymore. My eye is single!

My mind does not compete with my soul for control of my life, because my eye is single. I am a living soul, and my whole body is full of light. I was drawn to the Sun of Beingness, like a moth to a flame, and now the moth is no more. What remains is so much more, and a place of so much freedom, full of light.

I sought shelter in the Divine from what I thought was a cold world. Now I know! This world is not cold!!! It is the mind that is cold!!! I have transcended the mind. I no longer serve two masters. The mind is not my master. I am in complete control of my experience of life. I am in a state of complete freedom and complete responsibility, complete ownership of my experience of beingness. I am.

Every day my body is getting more pure, more able to handle this earth shaking in my spine and my crown. Every day I long for more.

Exercise your Power to Choose

Through Divine mercy, divine grace and divine law, you have been given free will to experience life in your own choosing and your own way.

I once prayed every day for 6 months, “show me the way, show me the way that I should go in my life.” 6 months, every day I prayed, “Father, show me the way! Show the way that I should go! Show me what I should do with my life!” And there was no answer!

Finally, 6 months later, I rose from prayer, and the engine in my spine rose temporarily, AND A GREAT STRONG THOUGHT OCCURRED: “YOU MUST CHOOSE.”

Exercise your power to choose. You must choose! It took me 6 months to awaken from relying on the Divine to make my choice for me!

Does God Tell Us What to Do?

This is a huge question. Before sharing my experience and my opinion and understanding of Divine Law, I invite anyone who thinks God is telling them what to do to share their own experience.

I have known people who had a very very deep relationship with the Divine, to the extent that I believed them and was inspired by stories of their experiences. One such friend is no longer on the earth. Just before she got sick with cancer, she was completely healthy and received one such communication along the lines of, “MAY I USE YOUR SICKNESS TO HEAL MANY PEOPLE?” She wasn’t sick at the time, and she obliged the divine urge graciously. I was with her through the whole process and observed how people were touched by her experience and attitude throughout. 6 months later she was gone, off on a new adventure and I was with her through that transition as well.

So even in this very rare case, my friend was given a choice. So here is my big fat opinion:

Who ever says that God is telling them what to do, is simply operating in their mind, listening for the faint calls of the soul: “Hello down there!!!”

The question of identity is a very powerful opportunity for transformation. What are you? Are you a mind? or are you a soul? What is your identity wrapped around: being good? being successful? These are simply constructs of mental conditioning.

My identity is based on beingness. Human beingness inevitably draws its origin in divine beingness, which is overflowing with all aspects of virtue. All we need to do is shift the nexus point of our identity and let it shine.

Many are Called, but few are Chosen: A question of Identity

A human being is Soul with a mind and body in tow. These ones who have chosen to live this way, in true identity, are the ones I call “true children of God.” This may seem judgmental, but it is really a question of choice. The ones who are radiating light, and seem to be truly alive inside have most likely made a choice at some point in their lives that allowed this to shine.

I practically worship these kinds of people. I can sense them from afar, and they come in all shapes and colors, all races, all classes, all genders. Some bear the scars from the battle of life and exist in the lowest classes of society, facing moral decisions that are far south of the moral compass of society. I am seeking people like this, regardless of outer form or social station, seeking to connect and seeking to support them.

The opposite of the radiant “true” child of God; the opposite of knowing and identifying with beingness, is identifying with the mind, heart or body. This kind of person might say or perhaps think things like: “I know I have a soul, but it is out there somewhere. I don’t know what it is doing.”

God does not tell us what to do. When we awaken as children of God we awaken as soul! A living soul!! We are free to choose!!!

Wisdom, Blessing and Power as God’s Representatives on Earth

For those who have awakened to the magic of true Beingness, every word that comes from our mouth are words of wisdom, and the melodic song of the Father pours from the mouth. Every time I speak I hear the voice of my Father. It is so precious!! Every word, every deed is so precious! I am an inspiration to myself. Does this sound arrogant? For one who is identified with mental conditioning, the natural love and sincere respect of oneself is very foreign.

WHERE ON THIS EARTH CAN GOD HAVE A VOICE?? WHERE? GOD PLACED HIS CHILDREN IN HIS IMAGE, WITH FEET AND WITH HANDS AND WITH A VOICE UPON THIS EARTH. The voice of God on earth is the voice of God’s true children. The voice of those who awaken as a soul, a living soul, and whose eye is single.

God’s true children are the ones who know they are a living soul. And thus the last shall be first and the first shall be last, for many are called, but few are chosen. God’s children are all equal. No one can stand superior to a true child of God. No one.

We all have our roles to play, but we can be the voice of God from any social station. We have the choice of which school to learn or which company to work or which business to start with varying authority figures whom we need to align with to be a part of successfully. However, Divine equality is entirely independent of social station.

The magnetic quality of heavenly radiance

Divine equality is a law of being, yet any living soul, will point in the direction of the greatest light.

The matter of earth, ruled by principles of diffusion such as gas, move outward from a high-pressure canister into the world. However, the light of Heaven follows instead principles of magnetism, which moves from low concentrations to high concentrations. The greater the expression of my soul, the more magnetic I become, and the more I seek those, my teachers, my masters, my uncle – whose expression of light and the radiance of their tree of life is greater than mine – and the more I seek and am able to connect with and support the true soul of humanity.






Be responsible: Find freedom by fully owning your choices

The power and sovereignty you hold as a living soul gets diluted when one disregards true responsibility. Using phrases such as “This makes me feel…” “I’m hurt” “I’m resentful” all disregard the choices, perhaps unconscious that were made prior to expressing such an accusatory thought.

Even in the shadow of such minor disavows of responsibility, to me there is no greater misdeed than proclaiming divine authority over others by saying that God commanded them to do something. This person can be the megalomatic pastor cowing his sheep into submission, or it can even be a person of criminal intent justifying inner wounds by giving them a voice. Please don’t be a person like that.

You have all the power in the universe. As children of the Divine, the most natural, effortless way of being is overflowing with wisdom, blessing, power and virtue.

At the very least, we can own our power and be responsible, even held accountable in an honorable way for the consequences of our actions.



Awaken, Children of God!

In the days of the Master, there was a time when the disciples came to him, saying,

“Who then is the greatest of heaven?”

“And he called to him a little child, and set the child in the midst of his disciples, and said, Verily I say unto you, except ye turn and become as little children, ye shall in no wise enter into the kingdom of heaven.

“Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven; and whoso shall receive such a little child in my name receiveth me.” (Matthew 18:1–5, American Standard Version)

Who is that little child? Who is the child? I am. The child is obviously a symbol. Jesus himself was not saying, “I am a child.” It’s a symbol for something. And when we turn and become as little children, we don’t shrink. It’s a symbol for something. What is it? There’s something truly open in this moment to the spirit of pure being.

I have memories from my childhood. When I was in first grade I was very enthusiastic about learning how to read, and I got to the point where I was reading to my class. Then something changed in my mind. I remember a day when the whole way that I would think changed, and suddenly, from whatever the way my mind worked before, my mind would start to think in words after I learned how to read.  Every time I had a thought, the words would just kind of scroll across my forehead like a banner. And over time, as we grow, all of these words, all of these learnings that inflate and bind our minds grow like vines, sucking the life out of something that’s truly present.

The more inflated and the more bound our minds become, it’s like we’re living in a dream, always—we’re mad about something, or adamant about something. We’re afraid to lose something of ourselves, something of our identity. But it doesn’t exist, it’s not real. It’s a dream. When does the dream end? When? When will the children of the Father wake up? The little child is the awakened son.

There’s been a huge transformation in the being that’s standing before you. I’m awake. And the process of awakening came in the form of a dream that I wrote down, entitled “Three Tests to Spiritual Wholeness,” and I also call it “The Dream To End All Dreams.” If you want to read all those details, you’re welcome to, but I’ll just share with you very simply what the three tests were. I live them, in this moment.

The three tests were, first, destruction of form, destruction of the ego. The second test was complete honesty:  I was asked, “What did you do to cause the problem?” And I was able to be fully honest, because I had lost the forms that I was holding on to—completely melted away. I was able to say, “This is what I had done that caused the problem.” As I passed that test, the advice that was given to me was, “Such honesty is accountability to heaven, not man.”

It doesn’t matter if people judge you for being completely honest and completely true. It does not matter if people judge you for being completely self-effacing about what you have done. People who judge would find a reason to judge you later anyway. Such honesty is accountability to heaven, not man.

The third test was in a place where there was a man there that I regarded as the Father. He didn’t see me, he didn’t acknowledge me. And that test was simply to wait—to be in a place where the Father could see me, but not demand his acknowledgment. Just wait.

To let myself be destroyed, to let myself be completely honest, and to let myself be patient in the presence of the Father—these were the three tests for spiritual wholeness.

That was on the third of August, and since then, as all my dreams do, every symbol has manifested in my life, culminating last week with an explosion of energy in my being. The amount of energy in my spine, the amount of energy that is moving through me, completely exploded into this presence. And it was as though this seed, this golden seed in my navel opened up, and a golden man rose from a fetal position in my navel, and didn’t stop at my body, it just kept going and going and going. My true self is here. It took a lot of time to get used to using my body again, because it’s truly me that’s here now. The awakened son is here.

My priorities are very different now. One of the things that’s so different about me is that I went around thinking that I had completely lost my mind. But literally, it’s like there’s no difference between what’s sincere and true to me and what comes out of my mouth and what comes out of my words and what comes out of my deeds. The inner has completely manifested in form in my outer world. There’s no mind, there’s no silent place that I can hold something that’s true of myself and withhold it from the world. It’s impossible now—it’s impossible. I’ve lost the ability to withhold the truth.

And as for my body… I don’t have time to say everything I’d like to say, but I will say this: This moment is the Garden of Eden. Everything around you is the kingdom.  To the degree that you could be open and see the kingdom in this moment, be in the garden in this moment. The reason the mind judges things as good or bad or creates drama, or anything else that the mind is doing, is because it is starving for energy. It’s starving—it’s like a man clutching, eternally dying for water in the desert. The mind is starving for energy. And when the awakened son comes, that energy is present and the mind can be at peace.

Know this:  My mind is like a calculator.  I use it when I need it, I take it out of my pocket, and I put it back in my pocket when I’m done with it. Because I am awake, I am here.

I’d like to finish with the “Prayer of Being,” written by Martin Exeter. And as I say them, these are my words too, because I live them, and they are true for me.

I am in heaven. The revelation of myself is holy.

My kingdom comes because I am here. My will is done in earth because my will is done in heaven.

I give the bread of life in each moment of my living on earth.

I forgive, and that forgiveness is received by those who share the spirit of forgiveness.

I lead no one into tribulation, but deliver all evil into the creative cycle.

For mine is the kingdom, present on earth, because I am present on earth. Mine is the creative power of the Word. And mine is the glory which results, shining round about, to be reflected by the world which I create.

So I end with a note of patience. This new cycle, every first step on a new cycle, starts with the spirit of patience. I am patient with the Father, that he will acknowledge and use my voice as he sees fit, not me. And I am patient with his children. I don’t demand recognition, I don’t demand respect from anyone. But if you are awake, whenever it’s right for you, come look me in the eyes and tell me, “I am awake. Let us serve the Father, for the kingdom of heaven, together.”