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Following A Master

Dreamt I saw a spiritual master speaking to a crowd. In his face was a gentle, radiant energy and upon it shone the glow of a setting/rising sun. A creative power seemed ready to mysteriously act upon his every syllable, as though he could say anything and it would come true. He said it was important to be consistent no matter what you do: if your body is cleansing you need to get a consistent amount of sleep each night–you can’t deprive yourself four days a week and then sleep for 18 hours to “catch up.” He spoke with a very simple form of common sense that caught people’s attention and allowed him to apply that logic or expertise to the spiritual world.

Then I was at a gathering or party for young people and another spiritual master was there, a woman this time. This master decides to take some children hiking in the clouds. At first she just commented on how beautiful the rays of light were on the mountain mist, then she said something that made a child think the mountain mist itself could be climbed. Lo and behold! Following the master, a child did climb the mountain mist like little spring boards. Three more children joined this child, bouncing upon the springy fluffs and disappearing behind the gray mist. “No way.” I thought, following like clues to a mystery. But my doubts seemed confirmed when I saw green grass and a trail in the dispersing mist. I followed the trail but somehow never caught up to the master and three children. Just before waking a glimpse of a child’s shadow with a giggle seemed to appear in the clouds above.