Ancient Advanced Beings Part Five

The History Channel’s presentation on the a advanced nature of ultra-ancient human civilizations. I present this not as a plug for extra-terrestrials, but rather as a testament to humanity in general. It is time to recognize our true history and stop considering the 10,000BC rebuilding of civilization to be the beginning of the modern era.

One thought on “Ancient Advanced Beings Part Five”

  1. Advanced Being Aliens,
    Our Brothers and Sisters of Past Advanced Societies
    (Published Tuesday, October 26th, 2010)

    Many Advanced Beings or Aliens as we people here on earth call them, live here on earth far below the earth’s surface… protected from the current limits of our modern technology being able to detect them. All of us here on earth have incarnated many times to learn our individual lessons and overcome challenges we are here on earth to learn from our life experiences. We are here to search for truth, see ourselves for who we are and evolve.

    The way the universe works, which is an amazing perpetual self-correcting machine, we go through thru (4) 12,000 year cycles orbiting from low pressure to high pressure with each cycle. When we enter a new cycle, that means the earth being the machine that it is, is too hot in some places; therefore, to cool off, it must shift gears, which can cause catastrophic floods, earthquakes, droughts, etc… during these cycle changes and we are nearing the end of a cycle. This is quite normal and when you look at our history, we know this has happened many times before….[more]

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