An Inside Job: Spiritual Muscles you’ll never use unless you try

There are muscle tissues in the body, which generally do not get used with external exertion, and also which are closely associated with the soul-body connection.  These muscles are important to stimulate and keep engaged, from the inside out, since they are so critical to the sovereign spiritual function over form and to the way one relates in the world.

From top to bottom, here is my list so far:

Behind the ears: pull the ears back towards each other.  This will raise the hairline a millimeter or so and open the crown of light to radiate into the world.

The face: how difficult is it to smile?  Perhaps one isn’t exercising those muscles enough?  The reason one smiles so easily after a dentist appointment is not so much due to their scraping instruments, but due to the effort it takes to keep the mouth open and yet relaxed.  Take a few moments whenever you are alone to open your mouth as wide as possible and pull those smiling muscles way back to their fullest, then relax, resting in warmth, grace and peace.  Try the same thing with your mouth closed.  Pull the edges of your smile as far east and west as they will go!!!  Use your fingers to assist and get a good stretch on the tissues of the lips.  Relax and see how much more easily the smiling muscles can engage without all that tension.

The tongue:  The tongue is exciting sexually not only for its physical features, but also for its energetic role as an important conduit of energy. Contact with the roof of the mouth (and even higher places if you can imagine the tongue acrobatics of that feat) provides integration at higher levels.

The top of the neck: Focus your energy in your neck.  Slowly add tension until your head starts to vibrate at the juncture of the cervical spine and the base of the cranium, then slowly turn down the tension, but don’t relax completely.  Go back and forth between vibrating with tension and the point where the physical shaking has become still until you reach a place where the neck is charged with energy, yet supple and able to move in any direction without hindrance.  This will auto-stimulate the ears and face again and slow the breath to a peaceful, ocean-like lull.

Lats: Almost everyone in the world wears their shoulders too high and usually one higher then the other.  My left shoulder is the one that is higher so I start there.  Using your lats, pull your higher shoulder down to the floor as far as it will go tilting the rest of the torso diagonally.  Flex the lat as tight as it can until is coalesces into a tight mass and hold, then engage the lat on the other side, pulling the other shoulder down to meet it.   Keep the lats engaged throughout the day until they are strong enough to unconsciously hold your shoulders down where they need to be – out of the way of the neck.  Notice that the sides of the neck have tightened to accommodate high shoulders and will need to be stretched.

Back of the heart: Raise the arms over your head, then pinch your shoulder blades back together as though the back of your shoulders wanted to touch each other and slowly lower your arms with your hands always staying behind the head.  When you’ve reached the bottom of how far down your arms can go in this position.  Raise and lower your elbows, always keeping your hands approximately 3-5″ behind your head without touching it.  Feel the burn in the muscles that pull the shoulders back together until fatigued, then relax them by engaging the lats again as described above, relaxing the arms down.   Now go back and forth between relaxing, engaging the lats, then engaging the back of the heart, doing so each time with less and less energy, until you can keep them activated and engaged with soul-energy no matter what kind of motion your torso is doing.

Front of the heart: There is a muscle in your chest that can tilt the top of the sternum inward towards the body.  This activates the endocrine center here that rules the heart chakra, the thymus.  Pull the top of the sternum inward, and together with the lats and the back of the heart, feel your vibrational “wings” extend to the sides and behind.  Open your heart in front of you, expanding large enough to encompass at least this planet if not more.

Navel/Solar Plexus: Engage your abdomen first by pulling in the navel just below the belly button.  There is a tiny muscle here that will pull it in only a millimeter or so.  Tense, hold and relax this muscle until you are very familiar with it, then add the rest of the abdomen until the bottom of the ribs are pulled downward to their cupped, resting position.  Relax and repeat until these muscles are not stiff but rather charged with soul-energy in any position.

Sacrum-Spinal Fluid: If you’ve never been to a network chiropractor, it may be a bit difficult to understand the nature of this spinal muscle phenomenon.  The doctors call these “psycho-somatic waves,” and they can be induced in infants as well as animals.  They are undulations of the spine that occur quite naturally and easily in a healthy body.  They originate in the back of the navel (base of the spine) when the sacrum is activated.  The sacrum represents a tremendous storehouse of energy that is the energetic source of all sexuality and spiritual awakening.  Activate the sacrum.  I can’t tell you how exactly.  The network chiropractors do it by giving the bottom of the sacrum (tip of the tailbone) a scratch-like stroke upward towards the head.  Try this in the shower when soaping up and see how the spine can react sometimes by undulating spontaneously.  This undulation, in my experience, is a dolphin-like “swimming” in consciousness, lifting the seat of the soul upward to the higher centers of the heart, through the neck and out the crown.  Swim home, my fair one, and learn to use the spine for its true purpose.

Floor of the pelvis (anus, et al): When I was in junior high school a public health group aimed at reducing incontinence among the future elderly of the world came into our science class and taught the 13-year-olds how to do Kiegel exercises, that is, the flexing of the anus.  Soon after learning  and working with this exercise, I found that if I timed my breathing to it, I could spontaneously induce “chills” all over my body which were very soothing and peaceful.  There are other very subtle muscles in this area as well which are very important, one of which is a muscle that governs the position of the testicles.  You can consciously pull the gonads in closer to the body in various intervals to access ranges of energy contained therein.

After going completely through the “inner” body, try and keep all of these engaged throughout the day!!!!

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